Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: MJ and Diya's special wedding gift leaves Maya furious; Here's what it is

In the upcoming episode of Beyhadh 2, MJ and Deeya will reveal a special gift for Maya on for her wedding; Here's what will happen next.
Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: MJ and Diya's special wedding gift leaves Maya furious; Here's what it is
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Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, and Shivin Narang starrer Sony TV's revenge thriller Beyhadh 2 is running high on drama. The show is increasing our curiosity levels by revealing Maya and MJ's past and simultaneously giving us glimpses of Rudra and Maya's brewing closeness. In last night's episode, the newlyweds got into their first tiff after marriage, which was later solved by some romantic moments. On the other hand, the wedding reception party starts on a bitter note, as Ananya breaks her partnership in the company with Rudra, leaving him completely shattered and disheartened, as it was his dream. 

Now in the upcoming episode of the revenge thriller, we will get to see a different side of MJ. After a lavish wedding reception, MJ and Dr. Diya have also planned a special wedding gift for Maya. However, this gift is going to leave Maya fuming in anger. Are you wondering what it is? Well, MJ and Diya invite Maya's mother and brother to the reception leaving Maya completely stunned. Well, Maya had not informed her mother that she has tied the knot with Rudra and is now living in the Roy mansion. 

Dr. Diya (MJ's secret girlfriend and family doctor) taunts Maya for being disloyal to her mother (Nandini). She will say that Maya should have told about her  wedding to her mother at least.This gets Maya agitated and she threatens Diya. Throttling and choking her neck, Maya tells her that she is first target in the house, and she will make sure to take the ugly revenge in time. It would be interesting to see how Maya's mother and family reacts to her marriage. Will MJ and Diya be able to break Maya as they're planning or will Maya now show her bold and bad-ass side? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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