Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: MJ threatens Maya and he chops off her hair; She is left shattered

In the upcoming episode of Beyhadh 2, MJ once again tries to breakdown Maya as he chops off her hair. Here's what will happen.
Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: MJ threatens Maya and he chops off her hair; She is left shattered
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Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, and Shivin Narang starrer Beyadh 2, has been giving a new dimension and meaning to the term 'revenge'. While there's love blooming between Maya and Rudra on one hand, on the other side MJ and Manvi's (Maya) nasty past is creating trouble. In the latest episode, we saw how Maya tried to confront MJ. And he tried to use her weakness to defeat her. We also got to know why Manvi got married to Rudra and chose to be Maya Rudra Roy over Maya Jaising. 

While Maya is trying her best to leave her past behind, she is somehow unable to get over it. She opened her heart out in front of hubby Rudra about her insecurities and apologized for not being able to move on from her bitter past. However, like a doting partner, Rudra comforted her and understood her pain. He said that he respects her decision and consent. He promised her that he will stand by her side and won't take their married life to the next step until she is willing and ready for it.

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Now, in tonight's episode, MJ's presence will again make Maya uncomfortable. MJ will again try to threaten her and use her frailty to instill fear in her mind. As Maya is sitting in her  room alone repenting over her past, MJ will barge in. He will bring along a scissor with him and push her on the bed. He will endanger her and chop off her hair. Yes, MJ will cut Maya's hair and leave her all shaken. MJ goes on to say that he will not take revenge for daring to get married to her son and entering the Roy mansion. As MJ chops her hair, she is sits all fearful and mum. Later, Rudra enters the room. 

It would be interesting to see what happens next. Will Rudra try to understand MJ's evil plans and save Maya from him? What will be MJ's next move? Only time will tell. Until then, stay tuned with Pinkvilla for more such spicy updates.  

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I like this serial.. But I disappointed to Maya's roll. Why she upset and scared everytime to mj.. She decide to revenge him. So be a strong and fighter. Don't give up and don't scared.. Plz see the maya strong lady in this serial.. Otherwise we r very upset when mj hurt her every time... Do something

I am really disappointed seeing maya upset seeing him cut her hair, that I stopped watching it! She should destroy MJ's business and win every battle. She should not allow him to touch her and he should go crazy knowing she thinks nothing of him and his son and she love each other and are very happy. He should not treat her badly at all. What's the use if after all these years, he still troubles her and gets away. If I see him troubling her again and winning, I will stop watching!

I need to see maya be strong I dont like to see weak maya

Behadh is doing well and I'm liking the serial. Maya and Rudra they make a great pair. But Maya is shown as a strong girl with those dark shades. She is good like that. Why is suddenly Maya been shown as a submissive character and falling prey to MJ. She should be shown a fighter. Would like to see the stronger version of the character Maya

We like to see maya strong like bf not weak

I just love Beyhadd. Beyhadd1 or 2,love Maya.Maya is strong,Manvi was emotional so now Maya needs to be strong and teach all of them a good leason and leave give them the fear of Maya Jaising. Don't want to see weak Maya. Sorry

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