Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’s Ishwar Thakur gets financial aid from cast & Sonu Sood's foundation for his brother

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Ishwar gets financial aid
Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’s Ishwar Thakur gets financial aid from cast & Sonu Sood's foundation for his brother

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain is among the most popular sitcoms on television screens. Actor Ishwar Thakur, who plays the character of Anurag in Binaifer Kohli's show for several years, has been out of work for two years due to his health reasons. The actor has also been taking care of his brother who has been kept at Thane Mental Hospital. He recently shared about getting financial assistance for his mentally ill brother, from the BJGPH team and Sonu Sood's foundation.

Ishwar said in an interview with TNN, "My brother had been undergoing treatment for Schizophrenia at the hospital for over 20 years. Earlier the hospital would release him in six months but now it's in three months. He gets violent and beats us up. I have been unwell for two years and my mother is a heart patient. We cannot keep him at home, so he's at an ashram for which we have to pay rent.''

He further shared that the hospital is now not ready to take Ishwar's brother back, so he had to look for an ashram again. He said that he is not well and has been out of a job for two years, and couldn't afford to pay the rent for the ashram. Hence, he reached out to Sonu Sood's foundation. They have now paid the accommodation fee for three months for his brother. He expressed gratitude for the same.

Ishwar has been getting support from his co-actors and producers in the last two years. His co-actors from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain like Subhangi Atre, Saumya Tandon, Asif Shaikh, and almost the entire star cast have done their bit to support him financially.

He said, "There have been several people who have helped me including cameraman Raja Dada, director Shashank Bali, make-up man Samip Jukar, and director Rajan Waghdhare. My producer Binaifer Kohli and writer Sanad Verma and other actors like Kavita Kaushik, Kiku Sharda, and writer Manoj Santoshi have also helped me. And Nupur Alankar of CINTAA spoke to senior actress Asha Parekh whose NGO sends me Rs 5000 for medication every month from the last one year, which is a huge help as I have several health complications.''

Ishwar shared that he has a kidney problem and has to undergo surgery on his leg. He said that his leg is still not good. He is taking Ayurvedic medicines for the kidney problem. He will go for leg surgery after which he will return to my Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain show. He shared that he wants to thank everyone who came to his rescue and helped him in trying times.

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