Bharti Singh gets emotional & shares the reason for not starting a family in the pandemic on Dance Deewane 3

Bharti Singh got overwhelmed by the performance of a contestant in the dance reality show Dance Deewane 3 and spoke about not planning a baby in the pandemic situation.
Haarsh, Bharti host Bharti Singh gets emotional & shares the reason for not starting a family in the pandemic on Dance Deewane 3
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The recent episode of the popular dance reality show Dance Deewane 3 made everyone emotional including the comedy star, Bharti Singh. It had a heart-touching performance stating the story of a mother who had lost her newborn due to the Coronavirus. The performance was very impactful and immensely emotional which brought tears to the eyes of the comedian along with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa and the judges Nora Fatehi, Sonu Sood, Tushar Kalia and Dharmesh Yelande. 

After the performance, the hostess of the show Bharti Singh came on the stage as she became emotional seeing the performance. She was joined by the co-host and her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa who was comforting her. Bharti Singh spoke about her future plans and about her wish of having a baby but she is anxious about the present situation. She said that she does want to put the life of a child in danger by bringing it into the world in the current pandemic time. 

She said she also wants to start a family and plan a baby but she does not feel like doing it in the current situation. She added that she deliberately does not initiate the talk with her husband as she does not want to suffer in the situation as she saw in the performance. Her words made the judges Nora Fatehi and Tushar Kalia emotional. 

Bharti had also previously spoken to Telly Chakkar about her having a baby in 2020 as she told that the couple had planned to play 20-20 in the year 2020. But due to the Coronavirus outbreak, she cannot plan a baby in such tension. She wants to bring up her baby in a healthy environment. She added that at present, it is risky to visit the hospitals and when she gets pregnant she will have to go for regular check-ups. Hence, she wants to wait for another year for the safety of the baby.

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