Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan tries to get close to Hiten Tejwani for a task; kisses him on the cheeks

Arshi Khan tries hard to woo Hiten Tejwani.

Bigg Boss 11 is always accelerated when it comes to giving us all the masala and keeping the audience entertained. The show has already witnessed loads of fights and spats. It is also somewhere witnessing the budding love story of Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra.

What's, even more, fun is that the tasks for the captaincy have begun and the competition is very tough. Bigg Boss announced a luxury task for contestants where Hiten Tejwani was made the King and the rest of the house was divided into two teams. Team Arshi Khan and Team Shilpa Shinde. 

The first luxury budget Raja Rani Ki Kahani, where King Hiten Tejwani had to choose the Good Queen (Shilpa Shinde) over the Evil Queen (Arshi Khan). However, both Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde had tough competition as they both thrived to impress King Hiten in their own ways. They even joked about who could make more babies and who would keep him happier. 

While Shilpa was busy twerking and dancing for Hiten to impress him Arshi tried to get close and make things a little more spicy and exciting by kissing Hiten Tejwani on the cheeks. 
Well, it's not at all surprising to see contestants do anything to win tasks and well harmless flirting isn't a crime. 

Credits: Pinkvilla

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