Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma: Shilpa Shinde has a split personality; we all used to be scared of her

Priyank Sharma calls Shilpa Shinde a 'psycho'.

Bigg Boss, the reality show, has always been gathering limelight for its controversial content. Bigg Boss 11 has also been in the headlines for all the twists and turns happening in the show. One of the contestants, Priyank Sharma was thrown out of the house. 
Salman Khan, in the first Weekend Ek Vaar, lashed out at Priyank Sharma for using force to deal with a situation that arose between Akash and Vikas Gupta.  Despite Priyank's repetitive apologies, Salman announced that the Splitsvilla contestant will have to leave the house immediately. 
Now, that he is out, Priyank has revealed it to a leading daily that Shilpa Shinde is a psycho. He told the daily, "She has a split personality and I have personally experienced that. At one time, I have seen her being the best lady in the world and in minutes she would become the nastiest one on earth. She is a psycho. She definitely has a major problem. Her focus inside the show is Vikas as of now. If you go and tell her that she's wrong, she will be rude, extremely rude. Each night, we all used to be scared of Shilpa Shinde and wondered what new she was going to do."
He went on to add, "I myself haven't slept at nights because of her and would constantly check what Shilpa was doing, whether she had slept peacefully or not. She is scary. Plus she is definitely in the wrong company, that is of Arshi. While one is already negative, the other one picks and creates fights. Actually, Arshi, Shilpa and Puneesh Sharma are people with double standards."
What do you have to say about this candid revelation?

Credits: Times Of India

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And she's going to win this year. In the meantime, you shut up.

Stay strong Priyank! We all want you back.

Yes I agree that Shilpa is crazy. She seems very unreasonable, not listening to anyone and just singing away.

Dude not that wrong lady arshi is with vikas aka your boyfriend so vikas as a split personality not shilpa vikas ka to kabhi vikas nai ho pagea vikas is bakwas

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