Bigg Boss 11: Contestants are left teary-eyed as their family members visit the house

In the coming Bigg Boss 11 episode, family members of each contestant will pay a visit to the house.
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Bigg Boss will leave the contestants surprised in the coming episode when a family member of each contestant will enter the house. In the coming episodes, the journey in the Bigg Boss house will be an emotional ride for the housemates. The task is titled as 'Statue' this week. Every time the contestants are told to 'Freeze' one of the family members of any contestant will enter the house and talk to them. During the task, the contestants are not allowed to move when they are told to freeze.
The first person to enter the house is Puneesh Sharma's father. His father has a message for every frozen contestant. Puneesh (in a frozen state) hugs his father tightly. They all bid him a goodbye when Bigg Boss tells him to exit the house. 
Another family member to enter the house is Arshi's father. Her father tells her that she should try a new haircut. Then enters Shilpa Shinde's mother. Her mother tells Arshi that she should not abuse the word 'Ma'. When Bigg Boss tells the contestant to 'release', Shilpa, who is very emotional runs towards her mother, hugs her and takes her around the house.
Divya Agarwal comes to meet Priyank Sharma. She tells him that he has hurt her and advised him to play his own game rather than listening to other people. Priyank is left in tears when she tells him about their failed relationship.
Vikas Gupta's mother will also enter the house. She tells Vikas how to play the game well. Vikas' mother also hugs Shilpa and Priyank before leaving.
Well, this would be a wonderful episode that will bring in the breeze of positivity and love in the house that's clearly absent for a long time. It would also be interesting to see who visits the other contestants in the house.


Arshi khan was one of my faviroute contestant but ive lost all respect for her.
i cant believe i would ever say this but what a dusguisting woman. How can you just contastly swear at shilpa while her mother is just in front of her. There's a limit of hatred and disrespectfullness and she just crossed it all. SHILPA AND HER MOTHER JUST DARLINGS

I have started hating Arshi. She was my favorite in the past but not now.

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