Bigg Boss 11: Did Puneesh Sharma really LIE about his marital status? Find out

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Puneesh Sharma is a divorcee.

Bigg Boss 11 contestants are leaving no stone unturned to up the drama quotient in the house. Earlier, it was Zubair Khan made news for apparently lying about his allegiance with Dawood Ibrahim on the show, now reports suggested that it was a self-proclaimed Casanova, Puneesh Sharma, who lied about his marital status in the house. 

Puneesh had introduced himself to single and ready to mingle kind. He had proudly claimed to be interested in investing in nightclubs because he likes to lead a larger than life image. 

Puneesh's growing proximity with another contestant Bandagi Kalra has not gone down well with his boyfriend. According to a report, Dennis Nagpal, Kalra's boyfriend, retweeted a tweet which read that Puneesh is already married and has lied about his singlehood on the show. But did Puneesh really lie about his singledom?

As far as we understand, it was very mentioned in Puneesh's biography that he is divorced and currently single. 

Check out yourself here:

Of course, we don't know yet if Puneesh has disclosed the information of him being divorced from Bandagi but as far as media is concerned, his marital status is known. 

Meanwhile, we also wonder if Puneesh and Bandagi's affection on the show is only for cameras? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 


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