Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan: I will drag Salman Khan to court; meeting the Police Commissioner today

Zubair Khan says he will drag Salman Khan to Court alleging the superstar of threatening him.

Zubair Khan has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons even before he entered the Bigg Boss 11 house. After his eviction, Zubair has been launching a scathing attack on Salman Khan accusing the host of playing a God when he is just a host for the show.

"I have been receiving several threat calls from Salman Khan's men asking me to withdraw the case or else they will hunt me down and beat me up brutally. 'Maine na Salman aur

naa hi Dawood Ibrahim ka namak khaya hai isliye main kisise nahi darta', he says.

He further claims that he is meeting the commissioner and will get Salman sued.

"I want all this to end. I have already received more than 40 odd calls and over 200 miss calls. I am avoiding attending calls because I know who they are and they will continue to abuse me," he added. 

Ever since his eviction Zubair has been screaming for attention from Salman, firstly by filing an FIR and when he got no reaction,  Zubair has been openly accusing Salman stating that he will drag the superstar to court. 

While in the house, Zubair spearheaded a controversy when he threatened a contestant on camera and also used profanity against his fellow contestants. 

Earlier, Zubair in an interview with Pinkvilla said, "My agenda for coming on the show is personal. For the past 3 months I am not being allowed to meet my kids by my in-laws. They have filed wrong allegations against me without even knowing me. So, when I got this opportunity I thought to

utilise this platform to reach my kids, so that they can see me. They watch Bigg Boss, so through this show and Salman Bhai I want to send a message across is to allow me to meet my children. Through BB I will try to make my kids laugh, I will turn into their clown.”


Credits: Pinkvilla

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Hahah good luck with that! He wasn’t even convicted for a real murder.


Nowhere in the civilized west a road accident is called a murder? Not even in drunk driving and hit and run cases. is that clear jealous soul. get burnol

Hahahaa who is he kidding.. Wasting his own time n resources, its going to be just another case in salman's kitty.

Here are two possibilities, one you are either unaware of the horrible behaviour you have as a human or you dont want to accept the kind of behavior you have shown by cameras through your own behavior so all these drama.

Why this drama?? You know what have you choosen?

Sad thing is we all have accepted he will lose against Khans, Roshans, Kumarr.

This is what you call a sore loser

Chal be Bhikari... Sallu ke naam ki chapatti mangna band ker....

Two minutes of fame

sarak chaapp aadmi ,jhoota kangana ranaut jaise same gang ,ainwehi aaya hai gainin attention ,go to rangoli chandel and you will be guru of tweetinggg

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