Bigg Boss 11- Hina Khan cries relentlessly for hours; find out why

Hina Khan breaks down in Bigg Boss 11 again.
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In Monday's episode of Bigg Boss 11, contestants' friendships were put to test for the nominations of the week. On Tuesday, the nomination task will continue.
In today's episode, Hina Khan will have to give up on something special to save Luv Tyagi from the nominations. When she is told to do the task, the actress kept crying for hours. 
A source informs us exclusively that during the nomination task, Bigg Boss informs Hina that if she allows her favourite teddy bear to get painted, Luv can be saved. Listening to this, Hina breaks down and cries relentlessly as that soft toy has been with her for 8 years. She tells everyone that the soft toy is so close to her that even her family would wonder why. Priyank tries to console Hina while she has an emotional breakdown. 
This is the third time Hina has had a break down on the show.
A few days ago, Hina had a break down when Arshi Khan called her a stinky lizard. In the episode, Arshi called Hina a badboodaar chipkali (stinky lizard). Hina broke down in the garden right in front of the camera and spoke to herself and complained about everyone inside the house. 
In yesterday's episode, Luv saved Hina and gets ZERO written on his forehead with Mehendi. 
Priyank Sharma shaved his head to save Hiten Tejwani from the nominations. Bigg Boss tells Benafsha that if she wants to save Priyank, she will have to nominate herself for two weeks. Benafsha agrees and saves Priyank from the nomination. She gets nominated for the next two weeks.


Fake drama queen

She is the only one who created drama .. Rest housemates sacrificed with big hearts.

She is so fake and attention hungry...

Fake tears

I am still wondering how a grown woman can cry for a teddy bear! How fake can you be?

Drama queen! Fake woman!

First I thought she wanted public attention but she is actually seeking medical attention.

Does she realize how retarded she is looking in front of everyone.

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