Bigg Boss 11: From KRK to Swami Om, meet Bigg Boss' most controversial contestants ever

These ex-Bigg Boss contestants made headlines and raised the TRPs of the show for all the wrong reasons.

Bigg Boss 11 is about to begin on October 1, 2017, and fans of the reality show are excited to see what's in store this time. The show airs on Colors and is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Bigg Boss is one of Television's most watched reality shows though the show makes absolutely no sense. Bigg Boss is a show where the channel manages to get some of the most controversial and trouble makers on board and for 3 months, the audience is made to watch these annoying people in the house fight over vague issues and create headlines for no reason. 

Here are some of the most controversial Bigg Boss contestants throughout the years.

1) Swami Om (Bigg Boss 10)

Topping the list of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss ever, Swami Om ji aka Om Swami crossed all limits on the show and was thrown out. The self-proclaimed godman and tantrik actually peed on fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra on national television! Post the show also, he has been badmouthing everyone including Salman Khan. Swami Om continues to act weird in real life, too.

2) Dolly Bindra (Bigg Boss 7)

Dolly Bindra is by far the biggest fighter cock in the Bigg Boss house. She had a fight with almost every contestant and her whole 'fighting' spirit actually entertained the audience a lot. From loving her inmates to hating them, Dolly has done it all in extremes.

3) Rakhi Sawant (Bigg Boss 1)

TV star and item girl Rakhi Sawant is also referred to as the queen of controversies. In fact, controversies are one of the biggest source of Rakhi's income, or so it seems! She made the first ever season of Bigg Boss extremely memorable with her presence and all the useless controversies. (mention her exact controversy)

4) Imam Siddique (Bigg Boss 6)

Imam Siddique was another controversial character on Bigg Boss. He was so annoying and cunning that he even had a fight with the host Salman Khan himself. This former VJ irritated the audience, the host, and even the fellow contestants.

5) Sapna Bhavnani (Bigg Boss 6) 

How can we miss this hyper active ex-Bigg Boss contestant? Hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani was a firebrand and had the guts to call superstar Salman Khan a monkey! She even went on to say that if she talks ill about Salman, she could get killed. She was famous for making a big issue out of small things. 

6) KRK - Kamaal Rashid Khan (Bigg Boss 3)

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK is one of the most annoying characters on Twitter. The failed actor was seen on Bigg Boss 3 as a contestant and had even gone to a level where he was involved in a physical fight with a fellow contestant.

7) Sambhavna Seth (Bigg Boss 2)

Bhojpuri actress Sambhavna Seth and her fights with Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chaudhry were the reason that made Bigg Boss 2 extremely popular and the most searched reality show. Her shoe fight with Dimpy Ganguly had gone viral and she often indulged in physical fights.

8) Rahul Mahajan (Bigg Boss 2)

Politician Rahul Mahajan's son is the perfect example of being good for nothing. He was a pain in the show and was a serious waste of time, fighting with inmates. He also had a fling with actress Payal Rohatgi on the show, it is rumoured. Rahul Mahajan further made headlines when he escaped the Bigg Boss 2 house in Lonavala by jumping over the wall! 

9) Veena Malik (Bigg Boss 4)

Pakistani actress Veena Malik was a unique contestant with a very vague style of fighting. She even had a relationship with fellow contestant and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in the Bigg Boss house, it was rumoured. She was caught lying and manipulating several times and made headlines with her physical proximity to Ashmit inside the house.

10) Pooja Misrra (Bigg Boss 5)

Pooja Misrra is a model-turned-VJ who appeared on Bigg Boss 5. She was one of the crankiest contestants of the show and had fights with any and everybody. Her words, "Spare me" became very famous on the show.

Which one of these contestants did you most like or dislike on Bigg Boss?

Credits: Pinkvilla
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Pagalo ki barish
KRK is the best.
I liked Rakhi Sawant.. on BB1
Imam..The guy was a task himself LOL!
Kuch bhi kaho but they without these contestants bigg boss would be boring
Swami om baba the greatest actor in the world haha
Bring in Rangoli too
On swami is worlds greatest hero, he is a hero of his 100 crore film who gets beaten every where.
Chalo London