Bigg Boss 11, November 19: Deepika Padukone enters the house; Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will fight in the akhada

Salman Khan will announce the name contestant getting eliminated in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Salman Khan will announce the name of the contestant who will get eliminated in Bigg Boss' Sunday's episode Weekend Ka Vaar. Today, Deepika Padukone enters the house and meets the contestant. The actress will be promoting her film Padmavati. 
Deepika dances with the housemates on Ghoomar track from the movie. 
The actress gives various tasks to the housemates. The first task includes inhaling the helium balloons and singing the song. 
She then asks the housemates which housemate has qualities of Padmavati. The contestant takes Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Benafsha Soonawalla, Bandagi Kalra's name. 
She then asks which contestant creates a problem in the house. Arshi Khan, 
Sapna Choudhary takes Puneesh Sharma's name. This irks Puneesh and he says he did nothing till now but here onwards he'll do something.
In the Sultani Akhadha, Salman Khan will pit Shilpa and Hina against each other. In the verbal diarrhoea, Salman Khan tells Shilpa and Hina to talk about each other as to why the other doesn't deserve to go ahead in the Bigg Boss house.
Hina Khan says that she feels bad when Shilpa talks ill about Television actors. Hina says that Shilpa said television actors are very dramatic and bad. 
Hina added that Shilpa is either not able to understand the game or don't know the value it.
Shilpa says that Hina is trying to prove this because she is a television artist and I say bad things about them. She says, "But I think it is wrong. She should keep her own thought that what she is and I don't think she will go ahead with such talks." 
Salman then tells both Shilpa and Hina to fight against each other in the akhada. It will be exciting to see who wins the fight today.

Credits: PinkVilla

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Our musli khan will beat hinduri shinde

WE all saw how badly Heena was beaten by sweet Shilpa she deserves tha

Heena is meant for this show because this show is for cheapsters like arshi nd gang

Heena is nt meant for this show because this show is for cheapsters like vikas arshi nd gang

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