Bigg Boss 12: Shilpa Shinde calls out Vikas Gupta as fake; says the makers have shown her in bad light

After an incident that happened inside the house, Shilpa Shinde says Vikas Gupta is fake.
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One might want to believe that Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta made amends in the last season of Bigg Boss. However, looks like that isn't the case after all because though she did put it all in the past, things haven't quite progressed. And this video of Shilpa berating Vikas Gupta after an incident that happened inside the house is proof. In response to a Twitter user, Shilpa made a video and said how this is what the true side of Vikas is and that inside the house, she has always been shown in negative light.

This video of Shilpa comes as a response to what happened inside the house during the Diwali task. While fans have divided opinions as some think Vikas' actions were justified, and others don't think the same, Shilpa put out her viewpoint, and fans totally sided with her. WhileShilpa tried to clarify how everything that happened inside the house, including her statement of 'naukar,' was just a work of fine editing, and that even in Bigg Boss 11 she was always portrayed as the villain. 

While many are finding this incident like just another, some have their own opinions to mention. Surbhi Rana's decision of keeping her hand in between came across as an act of kindness to many, and they have been praising her for doing what she did too.

Now if Vikas intended to oust Shilpa through this tactic of his, or it was something he really was at, Shilpa has made it clear what she thinks of Vikas, and how he isn't what he portrays to be. What do you think about the entire incident? Drop in your comments below.

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