Bigg Boss 12: Twitterati have a mixed reaction post Salman Khan questioning Sreesanth in Weekend Ka Vaar

Sreesanth's behaviour inside the house has invited a mixed set of opinions from Twitterverse.
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Bigg Boss has always managed to garner quite the attention with all that transpires inside the house. And Bigg Boss 12 seems to have put Sreesanth in the limelight, mostly for all the wrong reasons. Be it his innumerable attempts to escape the Bigg Boss house or his change of equation with inmate Dipika Kakar, Sreesanth's actions have always had a rather mixed response from the viewers. And after last night's episode, all the attention did shift to Surbhi Rana and Sreesanth.

Salman Khan, in last night's episode, questioned Sreesanth's sportsman spirit and asked him why did he quit the task. He further also questioned him on why would he make a statement like he is getting paid 5 crores in the house. Going by Sreesanth's aggressive nature, it wasn't a surprise as to how the entire scenario had him fuming in rage on both, the channel as well as Salman Khan.

Post the episode, Twitterati seemed to have a rather mixed reaction on everything that happened in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, and how Sreesanth being compared to Surbhi Rana is rather funny. While fans of the cricketer did in fact side with him, there were also users who slammed Sreesanth for his behaviour inside the house. Check out what the Twitterverse has to say about what happened in last night's episode:

While some are blindly siding with Sreesanth, there are also fans of the cricketer who think that a lot better is expected out of him. However, the viewers of the show, in general, are mad at Sreesanth and his behaviour inside the house. In fact, many think that Colors is being biased towards him and he is being given a lot of liberty. What do you think?


Can't stand this Sreesanth guy. Now we have to tolerate his crying wife in the next episode. Puhleez. Evict Sreesanth and his chamchi Dipika.

I want Dipika to win

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