Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai feels the show is not about who wins it but who played the game well

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai has a little something to say and we think we might agree upon that. Read on to know.
Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai feels the show is not about who wins it but who played the game wellBigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai feels the show is not about who wins it but who played the game well
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Bigg Boss 13 has undoubtedly been one of the most talked about seasons of the Salman Khan hosted show. Among everyone, the contestants that seemed to have garnered a lot of attention are the likes of Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz, Rashami Desai, Shehnaaz Gill, and many others. And well now that the show is over, contestants continue to be in lockdown, but this time, under the guidelines of quarantining oneself due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But Bigg Boss will be discussed until the next season is here, isn't it?

Well, Rashami has been doing live sessions with many media portals and during one of her latest sessions, the Naagin 4 actress went on to make a revelation which we think does make quite a lot of sense if thought upon. The actress went on to say how she has come to a realization that Bigg Boss 13 was not about who lifts the trophy and goes onto win the show, but, it was about who played the game well. She also went on to add how everyone remembers the season, not just the winner of that season.

Meanwhile, in an interview with us earlier, Rashami spoke about her Bigg Boss journey and went on to say, "The show wasn't easy for me but I think I haven't come out empty-handed. My journey was the most difficult but I have learned to let bygones be bygones and I also had a lot of support from Sir (Salman Khan). In the end, I only want to remember good things."

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Yes ! I agree !! The show will always be known as Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s season without any doubt

Without them NUL

Very true .. Sidharth shukla and Shenaaz...the show TRP king and his queen


The show us about whose personality of each contestant, The most truthful personality of the lot was Sidharth shukla, so he won the show.

Bcz it's nothing other than direpute and bad name u earned. Sid and Sana only showed their talent n personality

Rashmi Desai is a sweetheart she deserve the trophy

Yes Rashmi desai is a true winner of big boss 13...siddharth shukla should not have been a winner and a cheat..

You have only done back bitching and character assassination of other and you have made others stay in the house he’ll so please shut this PR panti world has seen your all colours and given you correct name flushmi Desai

Jaise kisi or ने तो back bitching ki ही nahi थी?
In starting even the so called honest Shulka also spoke a lot of things for her.
And remember how even not liking Shehnaaz she consoled her & was upset & crying too when she was eliminated ( just a joke by Salman sir)

Your success to ladder was Sidhart Shukla and you must thank Bigg Boss to have given you a second chance, else you had no game or logic.
You are nothing but a convening

I wonder why Siddarth Shukla was Jobless for 2 year if he is having so much fan following. Is this fan following or hatred towards Rashmi, Asim and all others? If so, why? Shukla was not that clean and honest guy in BB house.

I agree with you

Sid was in KKK7 in 2016, acted in a Russian movie the same year, in 2017 he was in Dil se Dil Tak with Rashmi 'Asi Ladki' Desai , in 2018 he was in Soorma and in 2019 he was in BB13 and in 2020 he won the show and i don't know about 2021 because i havent lived it yet and neither do i know which year or rather century you are taking about and lastly get your facts right.

Ps:Before 2016 he was having a cakewalk in industry just check the web and yeah you can keep wondering.

Winner should be asim or shehnaz

Whatever this lady says don't believe we don't remember by ourselves her she comes in media deliberately so that she can grab attention but don't worry even if Sid isn't active on social media we will remember him because of his personality unlike you.

Siddharth sir is a gem of a person. He talks only what is true and does not back bite..

Sidharth ke bina bb13 ho hi nahi sakta real heman and superman becouse usne sabse zyada achha game khela hai
A real winner

Rashmi Desai's claim to fame is her ugly fights wid Siddharth Shukla n her nasty back itching
She played d worst game .She got not one but two chances!!!!
She was one of d weakest contestants ...a virtual nonentity! Got promoted courtesy BigBoss as BB paid her a very hefty amount n of course she is a colours actress .There is no parallel with Siddharth ...can't compare fire n ice(hilarious)
She displayed all her negative traits ...backbitching (no1)..lethargy.. untruthful.. opportunist.. disrespectful..dishonest..theft.. unfriendly..badmouth...loud...unfriendly..devoid of any plan or thoughtfulness !!!She ought to thank colorstv n BB for pushing her dis far who had been evicted at a very early stage n got two breathers!! Plz thank yr stars for dis so called achievement (non)!!!!!

Rashmi Desai's only claim to fame is her sour relationship with Siddharth Shukla !! She was a virtual nonentity from day one.
Alldat she cd manage to display were her true n inherent negative traits.. untruthfulness dishonesty theftfulness unfriendly selfish ness backb**ching traitor being crybaby to gain attention on n so forth !! She was evicted at d very early stage of d show ..but was saved not once but twice by BigBoss!!!!!Once when d female eviction was cancelled when she stored d lowest n secondly when she was re-entered as a wildcard entry along Deboleena !!!(wattaluck)
She should thank Siddharth Shukla n BB for reaching dis far !!!!!!

There is no doubt dat Siddharth Shukla is d truest n mostworthy winner of BB Rashmi Desai stands nowhere near him.She is d most undeserving contestant of BB
She entered BB courtesy ColorsTV which left no stone unturned to promote n patronise her as she is a colors actress nwas paid handsomely for d same.She defeated even kaikeyi n Manthra in displaying her negativity.SensibleAudience would mute their tv on her entry in BB as she was so badmouth n disrespectful towards most of her co contestants especially Siddharth Shukla !! We hated to see so much "kachra"onscreen.
She was saved twice by BB n should thank Colorstv for d same
She came out of d show as a virtual negativity n non achiver who only thrived on Siddharth Shukla's name n fame !!

She is was so diplomat and was not sincere to her friends. On the finale stage she said Asim should win but a week earlier when Salman gave a task to rank themselves she chose 1Rashmi 2 Sidharth 3 Paras 4 Asim 5 Shehnaaz. She played very dirty game.Sid never used any bad words for her but her game was Sid's character assassination. She played the dirty game. Her group's vibes were so nagative.

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