Bigg Boss 13 December 10, 2019 Written Update: Asim & Shefali get into a fight, Vikas Gupta tricks Rashami

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 13, the equations inside the house changed as they fought for captaincy. Read it out.
Bigg Boss 13 December 10, 2019 Written Update: Asim & Shefali get into a fight, Vikas Gupta tricks RashamiBigg Boss 13 December 10, 2019 Written Update: Asim & Shefali get into a fight, Vikas Gupta tricks Rashami
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Housemates wake up to 'Kaala Chashmah' and see the garden area prepped up for a task. Meanwhile, Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh hug each other early in the morning and Paras Chhabra is in awe and she then gives him a peck on his cheek and asks Madhurima to go back to her bed and sleep. As Vikas Gupta scrapes the apples, Paras and Sidharth Shukla talk about him. Rashami Desai asks Arhaan Khan for food while Sidharth and Paras have comments about that as well. Sidharth and Paras also talk about Rashami and her nature, while Arhaan asks Rashami to bring cheese from his drawer, leaving Sidharth and Paras in shock.

Mahira Sharma and Madhurima talk about nominations and the former says she wants Madhurima to be nominated as she does not speak a lot, and they have a fun time with each other. Mahira, Vishal, and Madhurima talk about doing the duties. Arhaan and Shefali Jariwala talk about the changes that have come in the house, while Shefali feels it is because of Sidharth and Paras not being in the house, and also talk about Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira. Meanwhile, Paras and Sidharth talk about the conversation Shefali just had, and also say how they want to give her a hard time. 

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Meanwhile, Bigg Boss plays the 'kukdoo koo' as so many people are sleeping in the house while Paras is happy about it as that is what he wants. Asim Riaz asks about food, and Shefali Bagga gets annoyed when asked to make paranthas and she complaints about everyone not eating together which ultimately leads to a fight between Madhurima and Shefali Bagga. Everyone makes some changes in the house duties and while asking for help, Asim Riaz goes on to hug Mahira and then gives a hug to Vishal as well, which annoys Paras, while Sidharth says there is Mahira's consent also. 

Rashami and Shehnaaz share a moment and hug it out, while Asim and Bhau indulge in some banter. Bigg Boss asks Bhau to wear his mic, and he then tells how he can see this but he cannot send his photo with his son which he is constantly ignoring. Rashami requests him to wear the mic, and Asim joins in too, however, he denies wearing it. Shefali requests him too, but Bhau is unmoved. He also talks to Bigg Boss on camera and makes this about respect, and says 'mere aukaat pe aane pe majboor mat karo.' Shefali talks to Bhau about Asim and says she feels he blames her for Himanshi Khurana's eviction. Meanwhile, Paras and Sidharth talk about Shefali.

Now, Bigg Boss announces the task concerning letters from home and the captaincy task and also reprimands Bhau for not wearing the mic. Everyone is already happy and excited about the letters. Vikas then tells them about the BB post office task. After understanding the task, Asim does say that he will not give the letters if he gets them but might give those who are here from the first week, while Arti Singh tells Mahira she will not give Rashami Desai her letter. The song plays, and the buzzer rings, the first letter is for Shehnaaz Gill, and Vikas gets the letter. He, however, passes the decision to Rashami, and she decides to shred the letter. This leads to an argument between Mahira and Rashami, while Shehnaaz says how she is competing with her here. In fact, Shehnaaz says she will not play the game, but Vikas tells her not to do this. Rashami confronts Shehnaaz and they talk about what happened. 

Shefali and others talk about their plan ahead, and the next letter comes for Arti. Asim gets her letter, and he kids around with her, leaving her to tears, but gives her the letter. She reads the letter out loud, and everyone gets emotional and gives her a hug. Sidharth gets a little quiet too and feels happy. Shefali goes to Vishal and Asim and tells them that she got the message from Parag via Vikas and so they can destroy the letters. Immediately, Bigg Boss reprimands her for doing it and asks Shefali to destroy her letter right away. Meanwhile, Paras and Sidharth are glad this happened. Shefali starts crying over everything and she then tells everyone that she will tear any letter she gets.

The song plays, and the letter this time is for Rashami. Bhau gets her letter and decides to give her the letter. However, Vikas takes the letter away from Bhau and shreds it away, making him the second contender. Everyone bursts out at Bhau and Asim shouts at Rashami. This leads to an argument between everyone and creates chaos in the house. Rashami goes to Vikas and tries to talk it out. While Shefali talks to Asim and Vishal, and Asim gets mad when she uses the word sacrifice. The letter next is for Bhau and Mahira decides to not play as she does not want to get hurt. Shefali gets the letter and shreds it, saying she wants to become the captain. Bhau gets sad while Mahira and Shehnaaz console him. Shefali goes to him and explains her point of view to him.

Asim goes to them and expresses his anger while things get worse when he does not stop. Asim and Shefali get into a fight and things escalate. 

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