Bigg Boss 13 fame Asim Riaz beats winner Sidharth Shukla on social media; Here's How

Asim Riaz has finally taken over Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla and it will leave you stunned. Read on.
Bigg Boss 13 fame Asim Riaz beats winner Sidharth Shukla on social media; Here's HowBigg Boss 13 fame Asim Riaz beats winner Sidharth Shukla on social media; Here's How

If you have watched Bigg Boss 13, you might know the on-off relationship that Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz shared. When the 'tedha' season began, their bromance was the talk-of-the-town. However, things between the 'Ram-Lakhan' jodi turned sour, and they became foes. Despite all their fights and aggression, the two were the most loved and popular contestants, and also reached the final stage together. Sidharth defeated Asim during the Bigg Boss 13 grand finale and lifted the winner's trophy. Even though the two hugged each other and sorted their differences, their fans have not made peace yet. 

If you're an Asim Riaz fan, today is a day of double celebration for you. Why do you ask? Well, Asim's much-awaited song, Mere Angne Mein' with Jacqueline Fernandes has finally released. But wait, that's not all! Asim fandom is going to rejoice more as Asim has ultimately beat Sidharth Shukla on social media. Wondering how? Well, the Kashmiri model-actor now has more followers on Instagram as compared to the Dil Se Dil Tak actor. Yes, you read that right! Asim has more Instagram followers than Sidharth. While Sidharth has 2.4 million supporters, Asim is ahead of him with 2.5 million followers. Don't believe us, we have proof! 

Check it out here: 

This has to be a big win for Asim as the handsome hunk began his journey on BB 13 as almost a nobody and now has taken over an established actor like Sidharth. We must say, his hard work and stint on Salman Khan's show has earned him a huge fan base, and it seems like it will only grow further. So, does this mean that Asim is now the king of social media! What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Twitter check karo fb is check karo saarre jagah sid hi siid hai, Instagram pe fake followers badha lene se koi king nahi baanta

Nice delusions. Twitter pe fake Shukla fans hai

Asim Riaz is a star !! His overnight success is testament to the fact that he's the True Winner - looking forward to his future projects

Asim 1000 times better than Siddharth

Bakwass.... He is irritating guy ....Asim is zero in front of Sid... Wait for some time it will be provided soon that how popular is Sid before already and how he is going famous more and more..... Asim is fake totally and Sid is real and that is reality

Asimriaz is batter than siddhart he has got overnight success

Asim has got fake followers , check instagram reports

Asim is the real hero

Fake followers for sure.. Sidharth Shukla every single one is genuine.. me from UK.. University door is always open for Sid... Sidharth is a born star with multiple talent.. other one is a talentless one.. no comparison with Shukla... Love you Shukla

koi bhi maa k pait se sikh k nahi ata 40age hai jab k Asim new look hai future hai abhi uska

Who the hell is Asim and Sidharth?

Only Sid

Asim is just awesum. N should be d winner of big boss as well..keep growing Asim, u deserve to reach high

Sidharth Shukla is incomparable. According to instagram's recent report Asim has many fake followers. So, the King forever I mean Sidharth Shukla is still the King whether its about hearts or anywhere.

Asim is his team is fake.. He did nothing except fighting making Scene... Totally boring.. Learn acting and be real

Asim does not know how to act.He looks really bad in the music video.He is a prop and not the real thing.

Jealously of Sid fan is visible. Asim you are best. Love you to the moon

Sid is Badtameez control freak chauvinist..she used Naaz for his fame(and the other way round) and now won't even ask her.

Your badtameez,because you use, your badthameez he is not use this for your family

Shukla did not deserve the Trophy. Partiality done to Asim was seen. Shuklawon the trophy but Asim, the unknown face won the hearts of viewers and got fame. Good wishes Asim to climb the stairs of many more success.

Lol Loser Shukla fans keep saying fake, because they know their idiot shukla is way less popular than asim is.

Ofcourse.. Asim has a great future.. no comparison with BHALU AN ANIMAL plzzz!!

This is not the right matrix
Sid is 40plus and his followers would Not be youngsters
And Asin is in early 20s he would have more followers then Sid
But the winner is Sid. Asin did very well on the show but hard luck

Entire show was about Sid #sidra #sidsim #sidnaaz #sidpahira #sidrima #sidleena, hated, friednship, anger, happiness,humour he should very emotion entire show was about Sid in many episodes Asim wasn't even visible how can you even compare even post Sid s win he has been trending everyday with over million tweets the truth is quite evident.

Sid is not 40 plus he is 38

Sid is best Asim was a baby and he is a baby dont compere with Sid. We love Sid

Sid is best ..and we don't wanna compare with anyone...

Asim, who is he. Just a body shower. Thats all.

Sid is class. Nanga is cheaph and may appea to mass.

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