Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni cheers up Nikki Tamboli; Gives her chocolates & wishes ‘Happy Valentine’s Day

Nikki got reprimanded by Bigg Boss for not following the rules of the task properly. She got upset and did not talk to anyone. Housemates tried to cheer her mood.
Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni cheers up Nikki Tamboli; Gives her chocolates & wishes ‘Happy Valentine’s Day
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Bigg Boss 14 celebrated Valentine’s Day. Contestants are given tasks and even their special ones are also coming to meet them. Abhinav Shukla came to meet Rubina Dilaik and both spend some quality time together. In the last night's episode, Bigg Boss had given a task of ‘Cupid Ki Bhaddas’. In the task, one of the contestants will become cupid and destroy the other contestant's balloons which are tied to their waist. In the end, one with the maximum number of balloons will win.

But in the task, Nikki saw that Aly Goni had the maximum numbers of balloons. Then she destroyed most of them in order to make Rubina win the task. But for this Bigg Boss scolded Nikki saying that she never understands the rules and always does the opposite of it. Nikki was very upset listening to this and said that she will not do any task after this. Everyone in the house noticed that Nikki became very upset after Bigg Boss scolded her.

Then, all housemates tried to cheer her up. Aly went down to his knees and gave her chocolates and also wished ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Earlier, Nikki said him to go as she is not in the good mood but seeing all the cute gestures made her smile. After this, both Nikki and Aly also did some fun things to make the atmosphere light.

As the show is coming to an end everyone in the house is forgetting their bitterness. Recently, Rahul Vaidya also said to Nikki that he wants to end negativity and wish good luck to her.

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