Bigg Boss 14: December 10 Written Update: Arshi, Abhinav, Eijaz, Rahul Mahajan, and Kashmera get nominated

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Bigg Boss 14 December 10 Written Update
Bigg Boss 14: December 10 Written Update: Arshi, Abhinav, Eijaz, Rahul Mahajan, and Kashmera get nominated

Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14 is yet again going to be filled with lots of drama, action, and entertainment as the contestants will continue their battle in the nomination task. Manu (sanchalak aka moderator) will play mind games to save Kashmera Shah and put Abhinav Shukla in the danger zone. It would be interesting to see who all get saved from nominations this week. So, without further ado, let's take a look at all that is happening in the Bigg Boss house on December 10, 2020.

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with the housemates waking up the peppy song 'Lat Lag Gayee.' Eijaz pokes fun at Rubina asking her if she is missing her 'bestie' Rahul Vaidya. Manu pulls Rubina's leg as he tells that those who take permanent panga with her, she makes them walk out of the house, citing Rahul Vaidya and Kavita Kaushik's exit. Rubina tells Jasmin that Eijaz is playing a smart game, and sidelined them (along with Abhinav). Next, Kashmera, Manu, and Eijaz get into a conversation about their strategy in the game. Manu and friends decide that they will make Kashmera's team win in the task so that the other team loses, and Abhinav gets in the danger zone. Manu tells Eijaz that they should keep their bond with Arshi, Kashmera only for this task, and then break all ties. Later, he tells Kashmera that he is taking a big risk for her, and keeping his friendship as a priority. Rubina and Manu get into an argument over duties. The discussions over house duties lead to debates, as Manu shuffles the duties. Rahul asks Arshi to wash his clothes for the season, and he demands a diamond ring from him. Kashmera and Rahul tease Jasmin about Aly Goni. Rahul asks him to get married to Aly, and the actress cannot stop blushing. 

10: 45 PM: Bigg Boss reveals Vikas' secret tasks to the housemates and shares that he could only complete 2 tasks out of the three. Though he was not 100% successful, Bigg Boss gives Vikas the prize i.e. the 'Joker Card' for his dedication. Housemates are left surprised by this revelation. The contestants discuss Vikas getting this special power, and how will he use it.  After a spat with Vikas, Arshi tells Manu and Eijaz that they should steal Vikas' joker card, as if that happens, he will not be able to use the benefit. Jasmin reveals that she is missing Aly badly, and requests Bigg Boss to get him back in the game. Arshi asks Abhinav if she is a sweet talker, and they engage in a fun banter. Bigg Boss then announces that the nominations task is all set to resume again for the day. The contestants begin planning and plotting. Arshi reveals to Vikas that they are trying to save Kashmera, and he feels Manu is playing the mastermind here. Vikas feels Manu is putting Arshi at risk as her chances to get eliminated are high. The task begins again and the two team members go all out. Bigg Boss reveals the theme 'pyaar ki baarish.' Team Vikas wins the round. Amidst this Arshi and Vikas get into an argument. Arshi requests Vikas to play his card and let the game be 'draw,' but he denies it. 

11: 00 PM: The next round begins, and Jasmin complains to Manu that Eijaz is getting aggressive. Bigg Boss unveils the next theme to be 'monsoon.' Manu announces Arshi's team as the winner of the round. Rahul and Arshi promise that they will never betray each other. Manu tells Eijaz that from now on they will never give an extra commitment to anyone. Rubina, Jasmin, Kashmera, and Vikas make special paint with nail polishes for the next round. The next round begins, and as Rubina locks the door of the shop, Eijaz forcefully breaks the lock. All the contestants get aggressive as they put foam, mud, and everything. Bigg Boss reveals the last theme of the task 'winter collection.' After a lot of aggression, the buzzer rings and the round ends. Manu announces that Vikas' team wins, as the opponent teams mannequin are not visible. Eijaz, Arshi, and Abhinav oppose Manu's decision. Arshi feels Manu is a pathetic sanchalak, and he gets annoyed. Vikas tells Arshi that she took a bad decision by supporting Manu and Eijaz, as she put herself at a risk. 

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11: 15 PM: Arshi taunts Vikas for his free suggestion, and taunts him for 'knowing everything.' She expresses her disappointment with Vikas's remarks. Arshi taunts him that Bigg Boss is not his show, and he has no right to decide things. Abhinav, Jasmin, and Rubina feel there is something fishy about Manu's decision. Manu, Arshi, and Vikas get into a debate about the task and winner. As Arshi and Vikas get into a heated altercation, Manu tells Jasmin, Rubina, and Abhinav that he does not understand their spat and equation. Arshi alleges that Vikas knows everything about the show and format, and she wants to talk to Bigg Boss about the same. Arshi gets super irritated and removes the mic, declaring that she is not interested in the game. Arshi feels that since Vikas has told her that she will get eliminated, she goes against the rules. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to wear her mic, but she refuses. Manu, Rubina, Jasmin do not understand Arshi's stance. Vikas tells Arshi that she is intentionally trying to point fingers at her work, and she will suffer because of it. Arshi and Vikas' spat personal, and she reveals that she has cried for 2 years. Arshi blames that Vikas has got her out of Khatron Ke Khiladi. 

11: 30 PM: Arshi is annoyed as Eijaz, Manu and Kashmera are no supporting her in her fight with Vikas. Manu and Eijaz try to explain to Arshi that she is reacting unnecessarily to Vikas' vague words. Vikas has a heart-to-heart talk with Abhinav and gets emotional. Vikas tells that Shilpa Shinde, Arshi, and their likes are trying to malign his reputation. Bigg Boss announces Vikas team - Jasmin, Kashmera, Rubina as the winner. On the other hand, Arshi's team - Abhinav, Eijaz, Rahul lose the task. Bigg Boss asks Vikas's team to reveal who among them did not perform well, and that one contestant will get a nomination. While Jasmin, Rubina, and Vikas feel Kashmera's name, she refutes targetting Vikas. Eijaz and Arshi get into a conversation about Manu and her equation with him. Kashmera, Vikas, Jasmin, and Rubina continue their discussions. Kashmera backs Arshi and targets Vikas for playing mind games and having double standards. Kashmera expresses his disappointment with Vikas, Manu, and her friends. 

11: 45 PM: Bigg Boss asks Vikas to reveal the contestants' name who they feel did not play well, and they take Kashmera's name. Bigg Boss announces Arshi, Abhinav, Eijaz, Rahul, and Kashmera as the nominated contestants for the week. Arshi and Kashmera vent out their anger on Vikas for playing mind games. 

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