Bigg Boss 14: December 14 Written Update: Vikas Gupta ELIMINATED for 'throwing' Arshi Khan into the pool

Bigg Boss 14 viewers will witness the 'ugliest' fight between Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta. Read on to know what all happened on BB 14 on December 14, 2020.

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Bigg Boss 14 written update December 14
Bigg Boss 14: December 14 Written Update: Vikas Gupta ELIMINATED for 'throwing' Arshi Khan into the pool

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14, viewers will see a massive showdown between Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta. The arch-rivals, will stoop to new lows as they do personal attacks on each other. Their fight will turn ugly as they drag one another parents and question each other's upbringing. Vikas will lose his cool and take a step that will lead to a huge punishment by Bigg Boss. So, without further ado, let's take a look at all that is happening in the Bigg Boss house on December 14, 2020.

10: 30 PM: The housemates' groove to 'Khwab Dekhe' as they wake up. Early in the morning, Arshi and Vikas get into an argument. As Vikas talks to in English, Bigg Boss taunts him to speak in Hindi. Rahul complains to Arshi that her parathas are not properly cooked, and she apologizes. Nikki feels Vikas is intentionally being around Arshi as they both want publicity. The paratha debate continues as Manu tells Arshi and Vikas to take some other duty apart from breakfast, as housemates feel that their parathas are kacha. Rakhi talks to inmates about her marriage and husband and indirectly pokes fun at Jasmin and Aly hiding their relationship. Rahul questions Vikas for doing the breakfast duty despite his issues with Arshi, and Rakhi backs his stance. As Vikas in the garden area, Arshi approaches him and tries to irritate him. Arshi pokes fun at Vikas and tells Jasmin how Vikas purposely started speaking in English. As Abhinav laughs his heart out at Arshi's antics, she shares that she would be fine if Vikas apologizes to her. 

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10: 45 PM: Vikas denies to apologize to Arshi in any way and goes personal as he drags her father in the conversation. Arshi gets irked and drags Vikas' mother and family into their debate. Their debate continues as Vikas points fingers at Arshi's 'upbringing.' Vikas gets agitated as Arshi crosses the limit, and calls her 'vahiyaat.' Arshi and Vikas' argument continues, and Aly, Jasmin, Rahul, Rakhi, and Manu intervene. Vikas threatens to ruin Arshi's stay in the BB 14 house and calls her a 'gandi auraat.' Vikas pushes Arshi and walks out of the conversation, leaving her furious. The two get into a physical fight with Kashmera, Aly, Abhinav, Manu, Rakhi, and Rubina try to calm the heated situation. Their fight creates a huge ruckus, and Arshi refuses to remove the mic until Bigg Boss interferes. Jasmin asks Vikas why he is so angry, and he reveals that Arshi intentionally dragged his family to malign his reputation. Rakhi, Jasmin, and Rahul are happy as Vikas take a stand against Arshi's demeaning behaviour. Manu tells Arshi that she is not mentally stable and thus not able to take Vikas's retaliation. Arshi tries to clear her stance and reveals how Vikas dragged her family into their conversation which resulted in their ugly fight. 


11: 00 PM:  As Arshi continues her rant, Vikas storms out, and forcefully pushes (throws) Arshi into the pool, leaving everyone shocked. Vikas declares that he does not want to play the game anymore. Vikas loses control over his aggression, Manu and Aly try to get over him. Arshi is left extremely angry as Vikas' pushed her into the pool. The housemates are divided between Arshi and Vikas' fight. However, they feel both were wrong in their parts. Abhinav talks to Vikas and tells him that this was not expected from him, but he reveals why he took that move. Manu scolds Arshi for consistently poking Vikas in the past five days, which is the repercussion of her provocations. Rubina and Vikas get into a conversation about his spat with Arshi and says that he is done. Arshi breaks down in front of Manu, and Kashmera consoles him. Nikki and Rubina say that Vikas was not wrong because his push was planned and thought after. Vikas opens his heart in front of Rubina and Rakhi and talks about his struggles throughout his career. Arshi feels Manu is also not supporting her as he wants to play the game. Nikki vents out her anger on Arshi and declares that even she was wrong in her doings. After discussions with Rakhi and Rahul, Vikas comes to clear his stance with Arshi, but she refuses to listen to him. Vikas apologises to Arshi 'only' for pushing her in the pool, but Arshi does not his apology. 

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11: 15 PM: Vikas gets emotional in front of Aly, and reveals that he does not want to stay in the BB 14 house anymore. He also repents for helping Arshi in her career, and how she always disrespected him. Vikas has an emotional heart to heart talk with Aly and reveals how people have always made him feel bad about himself. Vikas reveals that he is done with life, and has no one in his life. He shares that his friends, family, mother have not supported him, and do not love him at all as he is all alone. After his heartbreaking talks, Vikas gets normal and tells Rakhi that he wants to have a word with Arshi all alone. However, Arshi refused to have a conversation with Vikas. Later, Bigg Boss talks about Arshi and Vikas' fights throughout the week. Bigg Boss reprimands Arshi for constantly provoking Vikas, and make him use physical force. However, Bigg Boss also scolds Vikas for his physical aggression and breaking an important rule of the show. Bigg Boss eliminates Vikas for pushing Arshi, leaving everyone shocked. As housemates ask Vikas to express himself, he leaves the house as he agreed to his mistake. 


11: 30 PM: Jasmin, Aly, Rubina, and Rakhi feel bad for Vikas being thrown out of the house. Kashmera asks Rahul to be beside Arshi, but he refuses to do that, saying that he wants to stay away from her. The housemates discuss Arshi and Vikas' fight. Jasmin is agitated as Arshi was forgiven, and Bigg Boss did not nominate her. Manu advises Kashmera to stay away from Arshi as she will be now looking for her next target. Housemates poke fun at Nikki for being the 'vice-captain' as she roams around with Manu. When Manu goes to hug Arshi, she pushes him back. Eijaz and Arshi get into a chat, and she blames Manu for provoking Vikas. Kashmera and Nikki plan to get Arshi in her group, but only for the tasks. Later, Manu, Abhinav, Aly, and Rahul go to the BB Mall, but Manu refuses to go against Bigg Boss' rules. 


11: 45 PM: Eijaz and Arshi get into a conversation about Vikas exit, and Manu' not siding her. Rakhi tells Aly and Jasmin how Arshi betrays her friends. Kashmera and Nikki talk about their game plan for the future. Manu and Nikki talk about the two groups that have been formed, and how many contestants are on their side. 

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