Bigg Boss 14 December 15 Written Update: Arshi, Eijaz, Abhinav, Kashmera, Manu nominated; Rahul Vaidya returns

In tonight's episode, Eijaz Khan and Arshi Khan come under the radar of Bigg Boss 14 housemates during nominates. Kashmera Shah and Nikki Tamboli's friendship toes for a toss. Read on to know what all happened on BB 14 on December 15, 2020.
Bigg Boss 14 written update December 15 Bigg Boss 14 December 15 Written Update: Arshi, Eijaz, Abhinav, Kashmera, Manu nominated; Rahul Vaidya returns
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Just a day after Bigg Boss eliminated Vikas Gupta for getting physically violent with Arshi Khan, tensions will erupt in the Bigg Boss 14 house during the nominations task. Housemates will nominate two contestants, who they don't think deserve to be in the show, resulting in chaos and spats. Nikki Tamboli and Kashmera's Shah's 3-day-old friendship will go for a toss, after an argument. Rahul Vaidya will make his grand re-entry in the house. So, without further ado, here's what all has happened in the Bigg Boss house on December 15, 2020.

10:30 PM: The episode begins with housemates waking up to Shilpa Shetty's song 'Shut up & Bounce.' In the kitchen area Manu, Rubina, Abhinav, and Rakhi talk about Arshi's plan to oust Vikas. The alarm buzzes as Arshi keeps sleeping, and Rakhi tries to wake her up. Despite attempts, Arshi does not wake up, and Rakhi gets irritated. Arshi declares that she will misbehave during Manu's captaincy. Later, Aly and Jasmin get into some romantic conversations as Abhinav and Rubina pull her leg. Jasmin cannot stop blushing as Rubina talks about Jasmin's feelings for Aly, and the two hug it out. As RubiNav and Aly keep teasing her, Jasmin runs off with a red face. The alarm yet again rings and Manu asks Arshi to not ruin their friendship. Arsh expresses her disappointment with Manu, and not supporting her during her fight with Vikas.  Eijaz asks Arshi and Manu to sort out their differences. Manu asks Arshi to be chill, and the two hug it out. Arshi then mocks Rahul and tries to irritate her, while he ignores her. Rahul goes into the room and opens his heart out in front of Manu. Rahul shares how Arshi intentionally keeps poking people to another level. As Arshi asks Rahul why he does not talk to her, he says that he does not want to, and is thus maintaining a distance from her. 

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10: 45 PM: Arshi continues annoying the housemates as she hides Rahul's comb, but Nikki snatches it back asking her to not create chaos. Arshi gets irked with Nikki for using the words 'gandagi' against her, and the two get into a spat. As Nikki calls Arshi a 'tail', she hits back calling her 'shit.' Manu is left hanging between Arshi and Nikki. Arshi continues her rant, and Rakhi taunts her that she is jealous of Manu and Nikki's friendship. Manu and Nikki get into a chat about their bond. Kashmera feels Manu likes Nikki, but Arshi squashes it revealing that Manu has a girlfriend outside the house. Aly reveals Arshi's talks to Manu, and a mess gets created. Arshi gets emotional, and all others mock her and laugh it out. Arshi tells Manu to not believe Aly's words, as he is trying to break their tie. Arshi apologises to Manu, saying that it was not intentional on her part. The talks about Manu and Nikki's friendships continue with inmates. Nikki tells Kashmera that she did not like Kashmera commenting on Manu and her bond. As Kashmera tries to clear her stance, Nikki is agitated. Nikki and Kashmera get into an altercation, and the latter walks off. The debate gets ugly as Kashmera raises her voice, and threatens to break Nikki's face. Nikki and Kashmera call each other 'pagaal.' 

11: 00 PM: Nikki and Kashmera's fight continues, and Manu tries to calm the latter down. In the evening, Bigg Boss announces the nominations task. Each housemate will nominate two others and will stamp their face with a 'rejected' mark. Moreover, Manu's captaincy has ended, and inmates can nominate him also. Rubina nominates Arshi and Eijaz; and targets the latter for his changing personalities. Rahul nominates Arshi for attacking her for her nuisance and also nominates Rubina calling her strong. Nikki nominates Kashmera for their fight and targets Arshi for her fight with Vikas. Rakhi also nominates Arshi for torturing Vikas and nominates Manu for not giving her coffee. Eijaz attacks his rival Jasmin and also nominates Abhinav. Kashmera takes revenge on Nikki and also nominates Abhinav. Aly nominates Arshi and Eijaz. Abhinav targets Eijaz for his remarks against Rubina, Aly, and Jasmin. Abhinav also nominates Kashmera. Jasmin calls Arshi irritating as she nominates her, and also attacks her enemy Eijaz. Manu nominates Aly calling him a competition, and then nominates his friend Arshi. Lastly, Arshi nominates Rahul and attacks Manu for changing in the show.

11: 15 PM: Eijaz and Abhinav get into an argument as the former calls Jasmin 'weak and being favoured' by the channel. Abhinav calls Eijaz a 'joke' and annoys him. Bigg Boss reveals Arshi, Eijaz, Abhinav, Kashmera, and Manu to be the nominated contestants for the week. Manu and Arshi talk about the nominations. Aly taunts Arshi saying 'eat and get fat' as she tries to poke her. Arshi warns Aly to not body shame her, and the latter calls her a liar. Aly shouts at Arshi for purposely picking fights with him. Eijaz talks to Manu about Abhinav's allegations against him, and him taking a back foot during the task. Rakhi tries to play cupid for Nikki and Manu, and the two are left in splits.  

11: 30 PM: The next morning, Kashmera asks Nikki about her age-shaming her during her nominations. Nikki and Kashmera get into an argument. Kashmera calls Nikki negative and villain of the show, as she questioned her age. As Nikki takes Kashmera lightly, the latter gets emotional and Aly pacifies her. Rakhi taunts Nikki for making Kashmera cry. Arshi and Rakhi poke fun at each other and leave everyone in splits. Rubina requests the women to be clean and keep the washroom hygienic. Rakhi finds her bottle into the pool, and her antics spread laughter in the house. Rahul Vaidya steps into the house from the confession room, and everyone gives him a warm welcome. Arshi, Nikki, Rakhi, Aly, Jasmin, Manu, and Abhinav give him a warm hug. Everyone teases Rahul about Disha Parmar. At last, Rahul leaves everyone impressed with his dialogue for Rubina, as he says, 'Ek tha raja ek thi rani, raja aaga gaya vapas, ab karega khatam kahani.' 

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