Bigg Boss 14: December 19 Written Update: Salman Khan slams housemates for not taking stand in the house

Salman Khan seems to be quite disappointed with the housemates’ performance in Bigg Boss 14 this week. Here’s what he has to say.
Bigg Boss 14: December 19 Written Update: Salman Khan slams housemates for not taking stand in the house Bigg Boss 14: December 19 Written Update: Salman Khan slams housemates for not taking stand in the house
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After witnessing a dhamakedaar week on Bigg Boss 14, it is time for an interesting episode of Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. This week, the popular reality show witnessed a lot of twists and turns post the entry of new challengers – Kashmera Shah, Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Vikas was eliminated after he pushed Arshi into the pool. In today’s episode, Salman will be seen lashing out at Arshi for dragging Vikas’ mother in their conversation and will also school housemates for not taking a stand as and when required.

10:55 PM: Salman teases fans about the eviction on the show and says Eijaz has been eliminated. However he isn’t the one to be evicted yet.

10:35 PM: Salman addresses Nikki and Aly’s tiff and it leads to an argument between them. He then asks Rakhi to watch out for her words on the show. The latter reveals how she was upset when Nikki broke her duck during the task ang gets emotional

10:27 PM: Arshi tries explaining her point to Salman and reveals that Vikas had told her that they must fight for at least three weeks in the house. She said they had tiff with Vikas and also clarifies she didn’t intend to insult Vikas’ mother. To this, Salman stated that her way of talking sent out wrong message in the house.

10:11 PM: Rahul chooses Nikki for tameez ka dose for making personal remarks on him. Arshi gives the dose to Nikki for comments against Rakhi and Rahul Mahajan for abusing the show makers.

10:07 PM: Aly give tameez ka dose to Rakhi and Nikki and Jasmin seconds her. Rahul Mahajan declares Arshi as the most badtameez person in the history of Bigg Boss and gave the tameez ka dose to Rakhi. Nikki gives the dose to Kashmera and Rakhi. Kashmera targets Nikki and Arshi for tameez ka dose.

10:03 PM: Rakhi chooses her jiju Eijaz for the dose for using abusive language in the house and Nikki for her nasty comments against her. Rubina’s first targets Arshi for her misbehaviour and Rakhi for her foul language. Arshi is on the target for Abhinav as well and the second one on his radar is Rahul.

10:00 PM: Salman asks the contestants to name two contestants who need ‘tameez ka dose’. Eijaz names Arshi for her behaviour towards Vikas. The next person on the list is Rakhi for her choice of words in the house. Manu also chooses Rakhi for passing lewd comments in the house and Arshi for creating differences between him and Rakhi.

09:57 PM: Arshi is adamant to leave the house. While Rahul tries convincing her, Arshi claims that Vikas has been shown in the good light and Salman has been defending him. Rubina claims that she isn’t showing any respect towards the show and Salman and this once again sparks and argument between them.

09:55 PM: Salman also clarified that while Arshi claimed that Vikas has been influencing people’s life with his approach on a Bigg Boss and even Khatron Ke Khiladi, it was baseless. The next topic to be discussed is ‘tameez’ in the house.

09:50 PM: Nikki was the opinion that everyone in the house is playing safe in the game. Eijaz believes he cannot interfere in a conversation if a person isn’t taking a stand for himself. But Salman doesn’t approve of Eijaz’s point of view and believe that housemates aren’t taking stand in the house when required.

09:41 PM: Salman next question Manu about who was right among Vikas and Arshi. He recalls how Vikas spoke about Arshi knew about some personal things about him. The next one to express his views about Vikas is Rahul Mahajan who revealed that Vikas had shared that he is undergoing financial crisis outside the house.

09:38 PM: Arshi decides to walk out as she claims that these allegations are baseless but the doors are locked. Salman then asks Rubina why she didn’t take stand for Vikas when it was required. He then questions Rubina she was speaking about the issue after his eviction during the Weekend Ka Vaar and expresses his disappointment towards the housemates for not standing up for Vikas.

09:34 PM: Rubina shares her views in the matter and claims Arshi had mentally harassd Vikas in the house and even raises questions about his sexuality. Rubina recalls how Vikas was heartbroken with Arshi’s harsh comments. She then reveals how Arshi has been making personal comments against her husband.

09:31 PM: While Arshi gets furious and raises the tone, Salman warns her about her behaviour. She then reveals personal details about Vikas’ relationship about her mother. Salman defends Vikas and emphasised that Vikas mentioned Arshi’s father out of concern. He asks Arshi not to spoil the atmosphere in the house.

09:27 PM: The superstar is quite irked with Arshi dragging Vikas’ mother in the conversation. Arshi then tries to defend herself again and claims that it was Vikas who first dragged her father in the conversation. Salman then recalls Vikas’ statement about her father and along with Arshi’s statement about the same.

09:23 PM: Salman asks contestants that they have been taking stand for just their ownself but not for anyone else. He then asks housemates who did they favour in this incident. The Dabangg actor asks Jasmin when she had to take a stand for Vikas why she didn’t stand by her and how she got influenced again.

09:21 PM: Salman asks the contestants how they would have behaved if they were in Vikas’ place and everyone shares the opinion about the same. He then states that he might have done the same if he would have been in Vikas’ place. While Arshi tries defending herself but in vain.

09:15 PM: The superstar pulls Aly and Rahul’s leg over their chemistry in the house and lightens the atmosphere in the house. He then reveals that it was Vikas Gupta who had taken a stand in the house and stated that he had taken a stand against Arshi for two days. He then spoke about how Vikas was eliminated after pushing Arshi into the pool

09:10 PM: Salman asks Rubina why she walked out of the task and she claims that Arshi has been creating a mess in the task. Salman asks the complete the task and everyone gives their opinion and Rahul Vaidya gets the maximum votes in the house for taking a stand in the house.

09:08 PM: While Rubina tries keeping her point, Arshi locks horns with her following with the Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki actress walks out of the task. Aly and Rahul try to convince Rubina to complete the task.

09:03 PM: While Kashmera is keeping her point, Manu intervenes and asks that Nikki has taken a stand and this sparks an argument between Rakhi and Manu. Every one tries keeping their point about taking a stand in the house but this eventually leads to a heated argument.

09:00 PM: Salman Khan graces the show and begins the show by talking about taking a stand in the house. He gives a glimpse about the ongoing task in the house wherein the housemates have to decide who take a stand in the house.

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Jasmin is weak and insecure. She uses ppl to her advantage. Her loyalty is to aly and herself. She never consider rubina a friend because deep down she’s jealous of her.

Anonymous 5 months ago

Very true, I liked Jasmin when she was entering the show . I never knew she was this much boring , I secure, even in kheton ke khiladi she was always jealous of Nia sharma

Anonymous 5 months ago

Stop flagging my opinion