Bigg Boss 14: December 20 Written Update: Kashmera gets EVICTED; Salman 'replaces' Aly with Rubina as captain

Salman Khan grills the contestants and plays some fun-loving games with them on tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar. Read on to know what all happened on Bigg Boss 14 on December 20, 2020.
Bigg Boss 14: December 20 Written Update: Kashmera gets EVICTED; Salman 'replaces' Aly with Rubina as captain
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One from Arshi Khan, Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Kashmera Shah, or Manu Punjabi gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 tonight. The women give waxing sessions to men during a task given by Salman Khan. Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik's friendship again hit a rocky patch as the two get into loggerheads over trust issues. So, without further ado, let's know in detail what all happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on December 20, 2020. 

9: 00 PM: The episode begins with Salman Khan entering the house and greet the viewers. Salman talks about housemates being 'badtameez' and shows a clip of Nikki and Aly's tiff. Salman reveals how the contestants started fighting after Salman's exit yesterday. Aly and Nikki get into a spat the latter pointing fingers at him. On the other hand, Nikki and Rakhi sort out their differences. Aly expresses his disappointment with Nikki calling him out in front of Salman. Arshi tells Eijaz that she is upset with the humiliation she gets on the show and wishes to leave the BB 14 house. Aly continues his rants against Nikki, and she hits back. Aly calls Nikki 'fraud' and she asks him to not shout as he is looking 'weak.' Nikki and Aly's spat gets ugly as she alleges he laughed at her, and he two yell on top of their voices. As they lose their control, other housemates intervene to calm them down. Rubina tells Aly that Nikki was expecting from him as she has a soft corner for him. Later, Arshi and Nikki get into an argument, as they call each other names. Nikki threatens to kick Arshi and claims that she deserves such treatment. Arshi on the other hand claims that she is running the show. 

9: 15 PM: Jasmin and Rubina tell Aly that Nikki has a liking for him, and that is why she was hurt. Jasmin asks Aly to sort out things with Nikki. Jasmin then explains to Nikki that she needs to clarify things with Aly, and she gets emotional. Nikki tells Jasmin that Aly has also backbit her, and she felt bad for it. Nikki shares that she does not have the guts to talk to boys, and thus she did not approach Aly. Nikki sheds tears and Rubina tries to pacify her. Nikki also gets into a conversation with their faded bond. Nikki gets extremely emotional and tears roll out down her cheeks. Salman then meets the contestants and talks about his different moods with them. Salman then introduces the 'waxing task,' wherein they will be asked questions. Rakhi gets the first chance to wax off Rahul Mahajan's arm and leg hair. Salman begins asking questions to Rahul, and when Rakhi pulls his hair for the first time, leaving him numb. Eijaz then gets his leg waxed by Jasmin. As Jasmin pulls off the waxing strip, he shouts in pain. Salman teases Jasmin to drink a soup made of Eijaz's removed hair, leaving Rubina go 'yuck.' 

9: 30 PM: Manu takes the seat next, while Kashmera is given the responsibility of doing his waxing. Unlike others, Manu does not shout loudly but takes it with sportsman spirit. Nikki becomes the waxer for Aly, and Salman takes a jibe at the duo's tiff. Nikki tells out her revenge from Aly, leaving him in pain. Lastly, when Salman asks about Aly and Jasmin's proposal, he asks the latter to wax his arms. The waxing task gets over, and another task is announced. Salman calls Jasmin and Abhinav and the housemates have to pick between them who is boring and who is entertaining. Kashmera feels Jasmin is more entertaining than Abhinav. Arshi thinks Abhinav is entertaining for her. Rakhi also feels Jasmin is Jasmin, as she teases her with Aly. Nikki feels Jasmin is very entertaining and funny and advises Abhinav to be entertaining if he is saved. Rubina takes Jasmin's name over Abhinav. Rahul Vaidya feels Abhinav has been boring since day one of the show. Rahul Mahajan calls Abhinav a good friend but a boring contestant. Aly, Eijaz, and Manu feel that Abhinav is boring according to the show. The majority of the housemates feel Abhinav is most boring, and he clarifies his stance, but Salman asks him to take a stand. 

9: 45 PM: The caller of the week asks Rubina if she trusts Jasmin like before. Rubina reveals that she does not trust Jasmin that much, and she had sensed that Aly had explained things to her. But, Rubina feels that Jasmin is a healthy competition. The caller also teases Aly for her bond with Jasmin. After Salman's exit, Jasmin gets into an argument with Rubina about her statements. Rubina tells Jasmin that she has genuine concern and care for her, and nothing more. Rahul Vaidya intervenes in Rubina and Jasmin's conversation. Rahul taunts Rubina for flipping over her words, and she tries to clear her stance. Abhinav argues with Rubina for clarifying things with Jasmina and not others. Jasmin and Rubina get into a spat, and they call each other's names. Rubina calls out Jasmin's fake personality, as the latter taunts Rubina for reaching this stage only because of Abhinav. Their fight ends on an ugly note. 

10: 00 PM: Salman invites Dhvani Bhanushali as she wows Salman with her latest single 'Nayan.' Salman lauds Dhvani for her singing skills, and he wishes her all the luck. Dhvani requests Salman to dance with her and he readily agrees. The two then groove to the songstress' most popular song 'Vaaste.' Salman then meets the contestants, and teases Jasmin and Rubina about their tiff. Jasmin and Rubina continue their war of words in front of Salman, and he pulls their leg. The two beauties decide to not talk to each other and maintain a distance. Salman slams the housemates for creating drama during tasks, and not actually performing tasks, but faking it. Salman cites the example of the jail task. Salman then goes on to taunt Aly for helping others always and pokes fun at him as he calls him 'mahaan, parmatmaa' leaving him in splits. Salman then questions Abhinav for not trying to become the captain, and helping Aly instead. Salman mocks Rubina, Abhinav, and Aly. The host then asks Eijaz and Manu if they were playing as a team during the 'duck task,' and the two put their stance. Salman bashes Eijaz for not putting effort into the task. 

10: 15 PM: Salman reveals that from all nominated contestants, Abhinav and Manu have received the least number of votes. Captain Aly has the power to eliminate one of them. Aly says that he wants Abhinav to stay as he has no bond with Manu. Salman taunts Manu and other housemates for not taking the captaincy task seriously. However, Salman reveals that it was a prank, and was done to make them realize that they should not give up power like a captaincy so easily. Salman then asks Rubina why she does not want to become the captain, and she shares her stance. Manu advises Rubina to become captain and set a benchmark, and Salman agrees with it. Salman snatches Aly's captaincy and gives it to Rubina. Rubina gives the captain's special power, responsibility, and privileges. However, the immunity remains with Aly. Moreover, Salman also reveals that Aly will not get a chance to save any nominated contestant. Salman asks Rubina to start afresh as the captain and wishes her luck. 

10: 30 PM: Salman then informs that Kashmera has received the least amount of votes and is eliminated. Kashmera bid goodbye to all housemates as she walks off from the main door. Rakhi is left in shock after Kashmera's eviction. Manu and Arshi talk about Vikas' ousted, Abhinav getting saved, and Aly's captaincy. On the other hand, Abhinav and Nikki play a prank on Rakhi. Abhinav and Manu turn into ghosts to scare Rakhi. Rubina gets annoyed with Abhinav playing pranks late in the night. 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Silliest show. All they do is shout and talk nonsense. The ones that shout the loudest are kept.

Anonymous 3 months ago

one of the disgusting reality shows , hate the content ,the script and few cheappad contestants.

Anonymous 3 months ago

This show showing how disrespectful and nonsense people can do anything and everything just for money. And shocking people watching this show for years. And these are even people calling their fav celebrities and following them. Where are we going honestly following those people who doesn’t have any principles, manners ot respect for anything.

Anonymous 3 months ago

One of the cheapest program on television. Hate the content of this program, and top of it the language and attitude of contestants.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Most boring show on TV