Bigg Boss 14: December 25 Written Update: Housemates get emotional as they receive letters from their family

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Bigg Boss 14: December 25 Written Update: Housemates get emotional as they receive letters from their family

On the occasion of Christmas, this new episode of Bigg Boss 14 comes with a lot of dhamaka as Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta get into an ugly fight over the actor’s past. Their nasty tiff will leave everyone shocked and housemates will try intervening in the argument. On the other hand, keeping in mind the festive vibes, the housemates will be receiving letters from their family which will change the atmosphere in the house. So, without further ado, let's know in detail what all happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on December 24, 2020.

11:49 PM: Abhinav is also happy to receive the letter and the last contestant to be the daakiya is Rubina who ends up giving the letter to everyone. However, she has to take them back as per orders given by Bigg Boss and gives the letter to Rakhi who is over the moon after getting a letter from her husband.

11:39 PM: Eijaz is the first one to be the daakiya and he gives the letter to Jasmin who gets emotional on reading the letter from her parents. Rakhi is the next daakiya and she gives the letter to Rakhi who is quite happy on reading the letter. Arshi gives the letter to Eijaz who gets teary-eyed after getting the letter as his family hails his game and states that his father is proud of him

11:30 PM: Bigg Boss extends Christmas greetings to the housemates and announces the new task wherein some of the contestants will be asked to be a daakiya and will be given a chance to get a letter of one of the contestants. While the jail rules weren’t followed Nikki, Rahul, Aly and Vikas are forbidden to participate in the task.

11:12 PM: The new day begins with new energy as the house is decorated for Christmas celebrations. Nikki asks Vikas to open the gate of the jail, but he is busy following which she walks out the jail. While Vikas locks her in the jail she manages to escape the jail.

11:03 PM: Since the housemates fail to decide two names unanimously, Bigg Boss announces that all three contestants will be sent to jail. Bigg Boss also states that two contestants will always be in the jail, however, the trio refuses to go to jail. While Nikki is of the opinion that is claustrophobic, Rahul requests Bigg Boss to call him to the confession room. Bigg Boss issues another final warning post which Rahul and Aly enters the jail.

10:57 PM: Eijaz claims to be biased towards Aly and nominates Nikki and Rahul for jail and this leaves the singer upset. Abhinav is of the opinion that Nikki and Rahul should be sent to jail as there has been a drastic change in their behaviour. Vikas, Rahul and Sonali are of the opinion that Aly and Rahul should be sent to the jail. Aly is upset that a woman card is being played for Nikki.

10:54 PM: Vikas then narrates the incident about Eijaz’s ex-girlfriend to Nikki. Arshi then tries resolving the issue between Eijaz and Vikas and clarifies the Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Vikas is upset and states that everyone in the house has a habit of peddling lies against him and apologising later

10:51 PM: This argument takes an ugly turn and Eijaz loses his can goes on to push Vikas. However, Aly and Arshi try controlling him. Amid this, Eijaz loses his balances and falls on the table which injures Vikas. The housemates are seen intervening in this ugly fight and try calming both the men but in vain. Eijaz claims that his ex-girlfriend had filed a case against him under someone’s influence, to this, Vikas is seen yelling again for spreading lies.

10:45 PM: Vikas is of the opinion that it has been unfair on the part of contestants who had to leave the house as it broke their connection with the audience of the show. Rakhi feels that the three contestants should be put in jail. During the task, Eijaz and Vikas get into an argument as the latter accuses him for spreading lies.

10:37 PM: Rubina nominates Rahul as the first contestant to be in jail but latter defend himself. But eventually, it leads to an argument between Rubina, Rahul and Jasmin. Later Rubina and Eijaz get into a war of words over the actress’ way of talking and Abhinav jumps in for his wife’s defense.

10:30 PM: The episode begins with Arshi apologising from Aly for ditching Rahul during the captaincy task but the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor is reluctant to forgive her. Bigg Boss then asks the contestants to nominate two re-entered contestants from Nikki, Rahul and Aly for jail unanimously.

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Anonymous : If Rahul vaidya has an issue with his back why is he part of the competition or is he really there to verbally abuse rubina?
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : Salman ji you give jasmin an entitlement attitude by calling her Katrina kaif and Rahul vaidya the platform to degrade a woman of her dignity by never addressing it and bring him back after he walked out. Spineless and weak
REPLY 1 7 months ago
Anonymous : Ppl need to stop telling rubina to be quite and let abhinav talk. Getting married doesn’t mean you give up your opinion, seen and not allowed to be heard. She has the right to state her argument. Some of the ppl need a dictionary when rubina and abhinav is talk.
REPLY 1 7 months ago