Bigg Boss 14: December 31 Written Update: Rahul Mahajan becomes the first captain of BB house in 2021

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Bigg Boss 14: December 31 Written Update: Rahul Mahajan becomes the first captain of BB house in 2021

The captaincy task continues in the new episode of Bigg Boss 14 and the housemates are mighty miffed with Rakhi Sawant for her behaviour during the task. Given the housemates ganging up against Rakhi for ripping off Rahul’s dhoti and halting the captaincy task, Bigg Boss will be seen intervening. On the other hand, with New Year taking over the calendars, a grand party will be organised the inside the BB house which will be filled with a lot of fun and masti. So, without further ado, let's know in detail what all happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on December 30, 2020.

11:58 PM: Jasmin wants Aly to convince her parents and propose her soon. Aly is hesitant as he fears this might upset Jasmin’s parents.

11:52 PM: As the countdown for the New Year is about to begin, it is time for the contestants to decide the new captain of BB house. Soon, Rakhi breaks down fearing no one will support her but Vikas tries to console her. Housemates welcome New Year 2021 and make Rahul Mahajan the new captain of the house.

11:41 PM: Arshi tries to convince her Vikas to support her. However, Vikas is of the opinion that while each contender is playing on their own, the fight is going to be between Rakhi and Arshi. But Jasmin disagrees to this. Rakhi once again apologies to Jasmin to which the latter says she will not support her. On the other hand, Arshi challenges Vikas to make Rakhi the captain.

11:37 PM: Rakhi tries to convince Nikki and Jasmin to be in her party. She even tries to resolve differences with Jasmin and tries explaining her that she was hurt but the latter refuses to accept the explanation.

11:23 PM: Bigg Boss announces the new captaincy task which will be between Rakhi, Rahul and Arshi. In this task, the three contenders will be hosting three different parties and the one with maximum guests at the end of the task will be the new captain of the house.

11:14 PM: Aly, Nikki and Jasmin once again discuss Rakhi’s behaviour during the task and continue to criticize her. The new day begins with another controversy over Rakhi for not doing the dishes, but the actress is of the opinion that she should not be asked what to do as her duty ended with Vikas’ captaincy.

11:07 PM: While Rahul and Rakhi resolve the differences, housemates are upset with Rahul for being normal with her and even taunts him for the same. Bigg Boss discusses the captaincy task and how the housemates behaved, following which BB cancels the task. Rahul then explains his side to Rubina and how he took the higher ground in the case. But Rubina is of the opinion that his changed behaviour has confused the housemates.

10:59 PM: Vikas tries to console Rakhi and stand by her side. Later, the Pardesiya girl breaks down and claims that she has been through a lot. Later, Vikas heaps praise for Jasmin but later is of the opinion that Vikas has changed a lot and appears to be fake. Bigg Boss calls Rakhi and Rahul in the confession room and tries to resolve the differences. Rakhi tries to befriend Rahul, latter requests BB that he doesn’t want to do any task with her. Rakhi gets emotional about Rahul ignoring her for other contestants.

10:51 PM: Even Vikas Gupta is upset with Rakhi’s behaviour in the task and tries to tell her where she went wrong. On the other hand, Rahul also warns Rakhi to be in her limits and slams her for her actions. Aly second Rahul with his opinion. Housemates then discussed who will be the next captain the house and everyone opines that Vikas should not be the captain again.

10:42 PM: Rakhi apologises to Rahul after Sonali’s intervention. However, the contestants refuse to accept the apology. Instead, they decide to end the task by handing over the coins to Rahul.  But Sonali and Eijaz refuse to surrender the coin and want to be in the captaincy task.

10:35 PM: Rahul Mahajan is of the opinion that had he been a woman this would have been a police case. The entire house comes in support of Rahul while Rakhi is adamant that she was just performing the task and tries explaining his point to Sonali. Miffed with Rakhi, housemates decide to stop the captaincy task.

10:30 PM: The episode begins with Rakhi Sawant ripping of Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti during the ongoing task. Following with this Aly hands over all his coins to Rahul. Rakhi’s action leaves everyone fuming. However, Rakhi is of the opinion that she was asked to do whatever she wants as a ghost. Rahul and Aly lose calm in the task and the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor demands to cancel the task.

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Anonymous : Rahul vaidya and Ali goni is a couple of clowns. They are showing their true colors. Why is jasmin so desperate to marry him? Rahul looks like an idiot clapping and laughing like a baboon. Put him (rahul v) and eijas in a ring so eijas can show him his place. It’s evident rahul v is trying to get with Nikki. He thinks he’s Mack daddy
REPLY 0 6 months ago
Anonymous : Rahul V n Ali G two idiots/ clowns in the house!!
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : Totally agree they have no respect or values. Dont realise this shows their upbringing if they respect the women in their family. Rahual is shocking not sure why he was brought back honestly
REPLY 1 7 months ago
Anonymous : Rahul Vaidya was playing with grace before his exit he had his principles,, but now after his return he is playing lik a loose cannon , arrogant passing remarks, disrespectful, he thinks he owns this house and is behaving lik a tyrant ,,, after task was over, BB asked to return all coins he said “ can I give to Ejaz” mockingly ,, how arrogant is tht how ruthless disrespectful,,, this was meanest behaviour I ever noticed in any BB season. I really wish Salman to show RAHUL vaidya his right place .
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : Rahul vaidya and Ali Goni are disrespectful and uses selectively words to demean and label ppl. Being bisexual is not a crime. Who are they to pass judgment against vikas Gupta. He’s someone’s brother son friend. Jasmin already have a preconceived way of thinking about vikas and not forgetting her possession as the spokesperson for the channel. I can’t wait for Rahul vaidya to turn on her.
REPLY 3 7 months ago
Anonymous : Rahul and Aly are behaving like two dominating goons in house and Rubina, Abhinav , Nikki are their blind followers(puppets) !!! Jas”MEAN” is most annoying person in Bb house .
REPLY 3 7 months ago