Bigg Boss 14: December 6 Written Update: Rahul Vaidya QUITS voluntarily; Salman Khan introduces challengers

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will introduce challengers Vikas Gupta, Kashmera Shah, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi, and Rahul Mahajan to the viewers and top four contestants. Here's all that happened on BB 14 on December 6, 2020.
Bigg Boss 14 December 6 Written Update Bigg Boss 14: December 6 Written Update: Rahul Vaidya QUITS voluntarily; Salman Khan introduces challengers
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Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar is going to be a perfect mix of emotions, drama, entertainment, laughter, action, and fun. Rahul Vaidya will voluntarily walk out of the show, leaving Abhinav Shukla, Jasmin Bhasin, Rubina Dilaik, and Eijaz Khan in the 'top four.' On the other hand, Salman Khan will introduce six challengers to spice up the BB 14 journey. Vikas Gupta, Kashmera Shah, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi, and Rahul Mahajan will enter the BB 14 house to give a tough competition to the top four, and bring new twists to the show. So let's take a look at all that is happening in Bigg Boss 14 house on December 6, 2020. 

9:00 PM: The episode begins with Rakhi and Vikas showing their hilarious magic to bring host Salman Khan on the BB 14 stage. Salman arrives and welcomes viewers to the fresh episode of BB 14 Weekend Ka Vaar. He talks about the show's level 2 and invites the third challenger on stage, Kashmera Shah, as he talks about her rivalry with Rakhi since season 1. Kashmera makes a grand entry as she grooves to 'Khalas' and flaunts her swag. Rakhi and Kashmera have a 'tu tu main main' and leave everyone in splits. The two beauties then cut the 'dushmani ka cake,' not with a knife but a sword. Salman then pulls their leg as he gives them some gift hampers. Salman then meets the housemates, and Rahul reveals that he is feeling homesick. Salman jokes about Rahul not getting a reply to his proposal from Disha Parmar and says that is affecting his performance. Rahul shares that he will not be able to survive for the next 11 to 12 weeks and Salman gives him an opportunity to leave the house, as he has lost the drive (will) in the game. Salman gives Rahul an offer to voluntarily exit the house, and he accepts it. 

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9: 15 PM: Rahul gets emotional that he has become weak mentally without his family. He feels that someone deserving should not lose a place because of him. He apologizes to his fans and makers. The singer also shares that he has no connection in the house, and it is making his BB 14 journey difficult. Salman again asks him if he wishes to leave, and he yet again says a 'Yes.' Salman taunts Rahul for not completing his commitment and seems disappointed. The BB 14 main door opens for Rahul and he meets the housemates and leaves. Rahul sincerely apologizes to Salman and the makers. An upset Salman reveals that Rahul did not get the lowest votes, and he leaves the house. Salman Khan congratulates the top four but does not reveal who got lesser votes - Jasmin or Rahul. Salman Khan introduces the first three challengers Vikas, Rakhi, and Kashmera to the housemates. He also reveals that the challengers can also win the trophy. Salman pulls Eijaz's leg over his reaction. Rakhi mocks Abhinav calling him a 'non-celebrity.' Vikas praises Jasmin's game, and Kashmera warns the housemates. 

9: 30 PM: The trio then plays the 'galatfehmi k gubaare' game. Vikas targets Abhinav, while Rakhi attacks all four.  Rakhi calls Rubina the 'don' and Jasmin for being a cry baby. Kashmera attacks Eijaz for being overconfident, while she advises Abhinav to not fight Rubina's battle as she is strong enough. The housemates then discuss the challengers remarks. Salman then welcomes the fourth challenger, Rahul Mahajan, who makes an entry on a toy horse. Rakhi pokes fun at Rahul, and they have a fun banter. Salman gives Rahul and Rakhi a task and asks them to enact a suhagrat scene, in a reverse mode. The two put up a hilarious act, and crack everyone up. Salman then invites Arshi Khan and she makes a smashing entry. Arshi reveals that she will befriend Eijaz and Jasmin, and her target is Rubina. Arshi calls Vikas 'dhokebaaz,' and tags Rakhi as 'darling.' 

9: 45 PM: Salman talks about a new concept frenemy, Arshi, and Rakhi. The two beauties get into an argument. The 'slap' game is introduced. While Arshi sits on the seat, and Rakhi asks questions. The two ladies get into an altercation, creating a chaotic environment, and do personal attacks. Then, Rakhi takes the seat, while Arshi asks her questions. Arshi also brings up Rakhi's marriage and taunts her for faking it. After their cat-fight, the game ends, spreading laughter around. Namak Ishq Ka's Chamcham then comes to promote her show. Salman then welcomes the last challenger, Manu Punjabi. 

10: 15 PM: Krushna jokes about Arti and Kashmera's entry in Bigg Boss. He also warns the other challengers to beware of Kashmera. Krushna then pokes fun at Rakhi for her language and Rahul's funny laughter, calling him sasta Gabbar Singh. Salman is seen enjoying the fullest of Krushna's jokes. Kashmera and Krushna also talk about their love and journey. Krushna then meets the housemates and pulls their legs. After a fun-filled round, Krushna hugs Kashmera and bids adieu to everyone. Salman then informs the four finalists that the challengers will give them the first challenge today, and asks them to take it positively. After this, Salman bids goodbye to everyone, and the challengers enter the house. Vikas then asks the four inmates to go into the activity room. Kashmera reveals that her target is Jasmin, and calls her mean, as she is two-faced. After that, a bag of white flour on Jasmin, leaving everyone shocked. Arshi attacks Rubina and taunts her for her authoritative and controlling behviour. 

10: 30 PM: Rahul also targets Rubina and tags her as dominant, rude, arrogant, and hitler. Rahul also talks about her probable divorce story with Abhinav and her fake tears. Rakhi calls Abhinav 'sumdhi me kumdi' and compares him with Rahul Roy (season 1 winner), while Manu targets Eijaz. Vikas taunts Abhinav for using his cool and asks him to follow a path. The challengers say that this was the trailer and they are coming inside the house to turn tables now. 

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