Bigg Boss 14: February 10 Written Update: Paras Chhabra enters the house; Rahul, Nikki get into a tiff

Devoleena Bhattacharjee strategizes with Paras Chhabra amidst the game. Meanwhile, Rakhi gets into a tiff with Aly.
Bigg Boss 14: February 10 Written Update: Paras Chhabra enters the house; Rahul, Nikki get into a tiff Bigg Boss 14: February 10 Written Update: Paras Chhabra enters the house; Rahul, Nikki get into a tiff
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8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy song.

8.15 am: Rubina and Jyotika discuss the game.

10.45 am: Rakhi hilariously says that she will do whatever work the others allocate her. This leaves the rest of the housemates surprised.

12.30 pm: Rakhi is caught sleeping because of which the ‘Cook-ru-koo’ rings. She, however, states that she isn’t sleeping at all.

1.45 pm: Paras Chhabra enters the house and hugs Devoleena who is happy to see him. He also meets and greets the others.

2.00 pm: Paras talks to Devoleena about the game.

2.15 pm: Rakhi talks to Paras and they indulge in some fun banter. He also talks to her about the allegations Pavitra Punia made about him.

4.00 pm: The housemates are given a task as a part of which one of them will get a chance to be safe from nominations. However, Rubina and Devoleena won’t get the same privilege owing to their previous punishments. The task includes storing sacks that bear the names of the housemates in barrels. The housemates begin their strategies for the same.

4.45 pm: The task begins and huge chaos ensues among the housemates. Aly suddenly throws Devoleena’s barrel into the water. Later on, she gets into a brawl with Toshi amid the task. Paras then declares that Devoleena is the one with the least number of sacks.

5.15 pm: Devoleena throws off Nikki’s barrel into the water but the latter takes that out with the help of Jaan. She then calls out Devoleena for taking part in the task despite being ousted. Later on, she also gets into a tiff with Rahul amid the task. Meanwhile, Paras praises Devoleena for creating a tiff between Nikki and Rahul. Later on, he declares Nikki is out of the task.

5.30 pm: Paras and Rahul discuss the game. The task begins again and Nikki tries ruining Rahul’s game while Toshi tries to save his barrel.

6.00 pm: Jasmin advises Rahul to control his anger and so does Aly. Later on, Paras says that Rakhi is out of the game. Aly suddenly sees Rakhi wearing his jacket and asks for the same. This leaves her angry and she clarifies that water fell on her. She gets into a tiff with him over the same. Meanwhile, Rahul confronts Jaan over Nikki’s behaviour.

6.30 pm: Rahul and Toshi discuss Nikki’s game. He also says he didn’t like the way Aly didn’t try to stop Nikki in the game. Meanwhile, Devoleena asks Aly the reason behind Nikki targeting Rahul in the task. Toshi talks about destroying Aly’s game but Rahul disagrees with it.

9.00 pm: Rahul asks Devoleena to help him and tries explaining things.

9.45 pm: Rakhi asks Rubina the name of the person who she will save if given the chance. They have a discussion about it with Vindu, Rahul, Toshi, and Nikki. She asks Rakhi if the latter will play for her.

11.15 pm: Devoleena has a discussion with Rahul and Rakhi.

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