Bigg Boss 14: February 14 Written Update: Devoleena gets evicted; Rahul's ladylove Disha comes to meet him

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed some amazing performances by the housemates on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 14: February 14 Written Update: Devoleena gets evicted; Rahul's ladylove Disha comes to meet him
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The episode begins with the entry of Salman Khan on stage post which he greets the audience. He also announces that Bigg Boss 14’s finale will be held on 21st February.  The Valentine’s Day celebrations begin with a performance by Rahul, Jaan, and Toshi. Rahul then states his desire to meet Disha. He also talks about his interaction with her post his earlier exit from the house. The singer also praises the way the actress has supported him. He also requests to meet her for at least 30 minutes.

Salman tries pulling his leg and makes him tensed by saying that something serious is happening outside. Later on, Toshi also sings a song meant for his wife which is followed by Jaan crooning a few numbers. The host then gives a task to the housemates in which they have to give a black rose to that person who they think has broken their hearts. Aly gives the rose to Rakhi while giving the reason that she has spoken a lot about Jasmin in front of him.

Meanwhile, Rakhi gave the flower to Rubina while citing that the latter threw water at her and that she doesn’t want to take her along. Devoleena also gives the black rose to Rubina while stating that she was hurt by the latter’s words and thoughts. The next is Nikki who gives the same to Aly while citing that he never took a stand for her. Later, Rubina gives the black rose to Rakhi while recalling how she broke her heart in regard to Abhinav. Rahul, on the other hand, gives the same to Nikki while stating that she spoke about the outside world.

Later on, Rahul sings a song meant for Aly and Jasmin. Salman then pulls Rahul’s legs stating that Disha is gone while the latter looks shocked. The host teases him while taking someone named Amit’s name. Suddenly, a band party arrives, and then comes Disha, Rahul’s ladylove. The latter is overwhelmed upon looking at her while the others cheer them. She then asks him to propose her live like how he did on TV. Rahul does the same post which she replies in the affirmative through a large placard.

Later on, Raghav Juyal enters the stage and indulges in fun banter with Salman Khan. Post that, one of the contestants of Dance Deewane enters the stage and interacts with the actor. This is followed by a fun session with the housemates. They also give a few more performances post which it’s time for the ‘Galatfaimi Ke Gubbare’ task. Post that, Salman unveils the trophy of Bigg Boss season 14.

Then it’s time for the eliminations. Everyone is shocked when Salman says that Rubina has been evicted. However, he later reveals that Devoleena has been evicted. This also means Eijaz is out of the house. Later on, Rubina and Rakhi have a conversation about Disha.

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