Bigg Boss 14: February 16 Written Update: Abhinav comes to meet Rubina; Aly gets access to BB Mall

Aly goes on to win the Valentine's Day task and gets access to the BB Mall till the end of the show. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss has a surprise for Rubina Dilaik.
Bigg Boss 14: February 16 Written Update: Abhinav comes to meet Rubina; Aly gets access to BB Mall Bigg Boss 14: February 16 Written Update: Abhinav comes to meet Rubina; Aly gets access to BB Mall
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8.00 am: The housemates wake up after the lights are turned on and a song plays in the background.

8.15 am: Rakhi continues with her hilarious stint and tries opening the BB mall but to no avail. She takes off the wig of the mannequin and wears it herself. Later on, Aly also wears the wig and scares off Rakhi and Rubina. The three of them then dance together.

12.45 pm: Rakhi talks to a mannequin kept in the garden and calls it Takla Bigg Boss. She also puts oil on it.

2.00 pm: Rakhi and Nikki get into a minor tiff over the chutney in the kitchen. The former puts it away but Aly later convinces her to take some. Later on, Nikki has a discussion with Rubina about the same. The shutter reopens later on and the housemates get to see things like teddy bears and chocolates there.

Later on, Bigg Boss allots a task to the housemates on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The task is termed ‘Cupid Ki Bharas.’ They have to decide which one among them won’t get the chance to access the BB mall for the entire week.

3.45 pm: The task begins and the housemates ask each other as to who would play the cupid first among all. Meanwhile, Rakhi gives up while the others try to encourage her to play. Later on, she takes an opportunity and bursts all of Nikki’s balloons.

4.45 pm: The task continues and all the housemates indulge in fun banter. Meanwhile, Rakhi throws away Nikki’s belt stating that the latter burst all her balloons.

5.15 pm: Rahul and Aly decide to target Rubina during the task. Later on, the former bursts all her balloons.

5.30 pm: On being asked by Bigg Boss, the housemates declare Aly as the winner. He gets access to the BB mall till the end of the show.

6.00 pm: Aly is allowed to share his items from the BB mall with the rest of the housemates. Meanwhile, they try to make Nikki smile as she sounds upset.

7.30 pm: Bigg Boss talks to the housemates about the relationships which they have built inside the house. Rubina is praised for her relationship with Abhinav which grew stronger inside the house. The actress is left emotional upon hearing these words. She is informed that Abhinav will enter the house for some time to be with her. He enters the house and meets Rubina.

7.45 pm: The housemates happily make Halwa for Abhinav while Rubin gets ready for her date.

8.45 pm: Bigg Boss asks Rubina to go and meet Abhinav. Both of them finally get to meet each other and exchange sweet glances. They have a conversation over whatever happened and how their relationship grew strong over the months. Abhinav even asks her to re-marry him post which Rubina says that she wants a white wedding. She also states that they will complete 7 years in March. Meanwhile, Rakhi wishes her husband Ritesh on Valentine’s Day. She gets emotional stating that they have never celebrated the occasion together.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Whatever it it but Rubina never left the show even for outside help other all went and come back...this is a show she can't be 100%

Anonymous 3 months ago

What planet are you on. Rubin’s is strong and deserves to be the winner

Anonymous 3 months ago

Rubina is super cunning and manipulative and She lived the whole season mostly under the company and protection of Abhinav. No other big boss winners had this easy. She does not at all deserves to win this show.