Bigg Boss 14: February 17 Written Update: Rakhi sacrifices her husband's letter; Nikki misses her pets

The housemates make their respective wishes only to find out that they have to make certain sacrifices before the same. Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 14: February 17 Written Update: Rakhi sacrifices her husband's letter; Nikki misses her pets
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The episode begins with Rubina and Abhinav continuing their romantic date. Later on, he takes leave from her and she goes inside to share details of the date with the rest of the housemates.

12.45 am: Rahul and Aly have a discussion with each other but are interrupted by Rakhi. She asks them to go and talk outside. This leads to a tiff between them. Aly then says that Rakhi is a rude person.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

8.30 am: Nikki says she is upset with Rubina for an earlier statement given by the latter. Both of them try clarifying things. Nikki says that Rubina doesn’t have any right to comment on her because she doesn’t know her from the outside. The latter, however, says that there was no judgment on her side.

12.00 pm: Rahul asks Rakhi the reason behind tearing off Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti. She then talks about men who have large bellies. Rahul then tries explaining that not all men in the country have six-pack abs.

2.00 pm: Rahul sings a song for Rubina as the latter and Aly listen to him.

3.00 pm: Bigg Boss asks Aly to go to the theatre. He is asked to wish something and throw a coin on the wishing well. He asks for a video call with his mother or gets to see the newborn baby of his sister. The next is Rahul who asks for a little more time with Disha. Nikki says that she misses her pets and wishes to see or meet them. Rubina wishes to show her rich culture as a Pahadan to the entire country. Meanwhile, Nikki breaks down while remembering her pets. Rakhi wishes to get too many votes from the audience.

4.15 pm: Rakhi says that the housemates are sleeping and not energetic at all.

6.00 pm: Rahul and Rubina have a talk regarding an earlier incident that happened with Pavitra in the house.

6.15 pm: Suddenly some spooky music plays in the background while the housemates go outside where they get to see a huge cave.

6.30 pm: The housemates are given a new task named ‘Khwahishon Ki Gufa.’ The last three housemates remaining will get access to the chairs kept inside the cave. For this, they have to undergo all the hurdles which will come amid the task.

7.00 pm: The first letter arrives leaving the housemates excited. Nikki is asked to convince Rahul to tear off Disha’s scarf and throw it into the dustbin. If he does so, she remains in the cave failing which she would be ousted. The actress tries convincing Rahul to cut off the scarf which he refuses to do so. Rakhi then comes and sits in place of Nikki. Later on, Rubina tells Nikki that if it would have been Aly, Rahul would have readily done the task. She then states that she won’t force someone on the emotional side.

7.15 pm: The next order is for Rubina who is asked to cut and throw away a cheque of Rs 10 lakh in her name. Later on, Aly, Rubina, and Rahul indulge in fun banter with Rakhi.

8.30 pm: The next letter comes for Aly who is given the choice to quit upon reaching the top two in the finale. Later on, Nikki and Rakhi have a disagreement over who would sit on the chair. Finally, the former gets to sit on the chair on mutual agreement.

8.45 pm: The next letter is for Rakhi who is asked to tear off the letter sent by her husband Ritesh to complete her wish. She talks to the other housemates about how her husband has met her for the past two years. When asked if he is bearing the cost of her mother’s medical treatment, Rakhi agrees to it while stating that the money used is from the latter’s insurance. She announces her separation with Ritesh stating that she won’t want to destroy the life of another woman and a child. She decides to tear off the letter.

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