Bigg Boss 14: February 18 Written Update: Aly gets emotional post seeing his family; Rakhi takes a jibe at him

Out of the five housemates, three get to fulfill their wishes. They are Aly, Rubina and Rakhi.
Bigg Boss 14: February 18 Written Update: Aly gets emotional post seeing his family; Rakhi takes a jibe at him
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9.45 pm: Rahul is asked to convince Nikki to leave the show with an amount of Rs 6,00,000. However, this will be deducted from the prize money. The latter then says that she won’t leave. Aly and Nikki have a discussion about the same. They then argue regarding who should sit on the chair as Rahul is ousted from the task. Finally, Aly gets to sit on the chair. Bigg Boss then announces the end of the task. Rakhi, Aly, and Rubina are the winners.

10.00 pm: Rakhi and Rahul discuss how she destroyed her husband’s letter earlier during the task.

11.00 pm: Rakhi asks Rubina to make Nikki's work post which the latter takes a jibe at her. She then says that Nikki’s hand is also injured because of which she isn’t working. Rakhi gets into an argument with Rubina and Rahul over the same.

11.15 pm: Rahul, Nikki, Aly, Rubina, and Rakhi talk about maintaining hygiene in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a song.

11.00 am: Rakhi asks Rahul if he has mended things with Rubina. The latter tries to explain things to Rakhi. She also states that it is Rakhi and Jasmin who have hurt her in the show. Rubina adds that Rahul didn’t do the same despite their differences.

12.00 pm: Rakhi takes a jibe at Aly over a topic related to media coverage. He then slams her while stating that she is a fake woman.

2.45 pm: Bigg Boss informs the housemates about Aly not being able to be with his family during the birth of his niece. His wish is fulfilled owing to the fact that he won the earlier task. He is asked to go to the theatre. He finally gets to see his mom and niece. The actor gets emotional while talking to them.

3.15 pm: Rahul talks to Aly about what the latter’s mom told him. Meanwhile, Rakhi mimics Aly in the bathroom. She talks about how she cried for her mother who underwent chemotherapy. The actress hopes for her well-being.

3.30 pm: Rakhi continues to take a jibe at Aly. Rubina asks Rakhi not to do so. She also says that Aly spoke the truth about Rakhi poking others.

4.30 pm: Aly and Rubina have a discussion regarding the former contestants of the show.

5.15 pm: Rakhi’s wish for having pizzas is fulfilled. The others also get to enjoy the same. Rahul says he thought she would have wanted to talk to her mom. She then says that she doesn’t want to get emotional at this point.

5.45 pm: Rubina’s wish is fulfilled as she gets to teach her traditional dance to the other housemates.

6.45 pm: All the housemates dance to the tunes of a beautiful number.

7.30 pm: Rakhi pretends to have a fake baby and goes after Rahul while saying that he is the father. The latter also pretends to be a drunken man and indulges in fun banter with her. Later on, when she drops the prop, Rahul hilariously says that it is his child.

9.45 pm: The housemates are given a new task as a part of which they have to get ready for a photoshoot.

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