Bigg Boss 14: February 19 Written Update: Nikki calls Rakhi plastic face; Bharti & Haarsh enter the house

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed the housemates having the final feast together. Meanwhile, a few special guests arrived at the house.
Bigg Boss 14: February 19 Written Update: Nikki calls Rakhi plastic face; Bharti & Haarsh enter the house
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8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

8.15 am: Bigg Boss announces the final feast inside the house leaving the housemates excited about the same. Moreover, they are also informed that a few guests will enter the house.

8.00 pm: Nikki, Rahul, and Aly indulge in banter. She takes Rakhi’s name in between leaving the latter in anger. This leads to a fight between both of them. In between this, Nikki calls her a plastic face post which Rakhi takes a jibe at her. Rahul asks her to apologize to Rakhi but she refuses to do so.

9.00 pm: The housemates are elated to see the setup outside and raise a toast together for reaching the finale. Suddenly, Rajkummar Rao surprises them by entering the BB house. He praises them for having reached the grand finale. He talks about his upcoming movie with them. The actor then asks them to describe each other’s personalities. Rubina says that she likes Rahul’s art. She then states that Rahul doesn’t even know the reason behind his fights with her.

This is followed by Rakhi Sawant describing the personalities of the other housemates. Later on, the others also begin explaining the personalities of one another. Rajkummar Rao then talks to them about the twist in the show. He tells them that two contestants from season 15 will enter the house to be with them.

10.15 pm: Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Bharti Singh enter the house and greet everyone. They indulge in fun banter leaving the housemates in splits. They hilariously confirm doing Bigg Boss 15 and ask for tips from the housemates. In the midst of all this, Bharti says that Ritesh is genuinely there as she has done a video call with him and Rakhi. She then draws a picture of Ritesh as described by Rakhi. Bharti hilariously unveils Haarsh’s photo in front of them. Both of them then play a game with the housemates and have a debate around some issues.

Aly asks Nikki the reason behind asking her things back from Rakhi whenever she gets into a tiff with her. They have a debate around the same. These debates continue with the other housemates over various other issues. Bharti and Haarsh then give the housemates customized awards which have hilarious meaning hidden behind them. They ask Nikki if she would want to leave the show with Rs 12 lakh which she denies. The same question is asked to Rakhi who also denies taking the amount. Aly is asked to unveil the amount which turns out to be a hoax.

The duo plays another game with the housemates as a part of which they have to give some answers while Aly tries to throw them off the cliff. The housemates are asked to vote out one among them who should sleep outside until the next order from Bigg Boss. Nikki takes Rakhi’s name while Aly and Rahul take each other’s name. Rakhi, on the other hand, takes Nikki’s name. The decision is left to Rubina who takes Rahul’s name. However, Bharti and Haarsh inform them that it was just a prank.

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