Bigg Boss 14: February 2 Written Update: All housemates except Rahul Vaidya get nominated for elimination

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Bigg Boss 14: February 2 Written Update: All housemates except Rahul Vaidya get nominated for elimination

The new episode of Bigg Boss 14 is all set to add a new twist to the game as the popular reality show is in its last leg now. Tonight, BB14 will witness an interesting nomination task wherein the contestant will get a chance to save one contestant from the elimination this week. While it is going to be an interesting task, every contestant will be seen playing a smart game. However, Rahul will be seen changing the game as he will nominate Abhinav in the task. It will be interesting to see what reasons the contestants will cite for nominating or saving a contestant.  So, without further ado, let's know in detail what all happened in the Bigg Boss 14 house on February 2, 2021.

11:42 PM: While Bigg Boss announces a new task which is majorly between Aly and Abhinav, Rahul tries convincing Rakhi to support Aly. Meanwhile, Rubina and Abhinav tries to strike a deal with Arshi for the task.

11:28 PM: Rakhi and Devoleena get into a role play and as the later plays Abhinav’s role and Rakhi confesses her feeling of Abhinav. But Arshi gets into the conversation along and Rakhi makes sarcastic comments for her. Rakhi and Devoleena’s deep talks continue as the Pardesiya girl opened up on her married life. She stated that several things were hidden from him. Rakhi also states that she wants to have babies and that she has frozen her eggs

11:14 PM: Rakhi taunts Arshi for not doing the dishes and Arshi takes it lights. But Rahul explains to her that she shouldn’t target Devoleena unnecessarily. Later, Arshi and Rakhi decide to make a strategy to save themselves from elimination.

11:04 PM: Later Rahul and Aly have been rejoicing their triumph in the task. But Arshi is of the opinion that the two had played together. On the other hand, Rakhi is irked about receiving taunts for saving Abhinav post a massive showdown. On the other hand, Aly feels Rakhi is one of the smart contestants in the game and she aces the tactics of game. Meanwhile, Devoleena speaks to Rakhi and explains that she didn’t want to save Rubina in the task.

10:56 PM: While Devoleena saves Rahul explaining that he will help her in her strategy later, Rahul and Aly are seen locking horns with Arshi for ditching them again. Now, Nikki has emerged as the game changer who has the option to save or nominate Rahul. She decides to save Rahul following which everyone except the Indian Idol singer are nominated for elimination this week.

10:45 PM: The next contestant to enter the confession room is Rahul Vaidya and he tears Abhinav’s name citing his reason. Later, Nikki is seen discussing whose name she would write in the book with Rubina and Aly. Later, Aly tells Rakhi and Arshi that he has understood the game. On the other hand, there is a clash between Devoleena and Nikki as both of them wants to go in the last. As a result, Aly enters the confession room and writes Rahul’s name citing they are very close to each other. He then explains the entire game to Rahul and Devoleena and is of the opinion that Arshi and Rakhi had played the game.

10:37 PM: The next to go inside the confession room is Rakhi and she has to take the call for saving or nominating Abhinav. The lady breakdowns and decides to save Abhinav saying he doesn’t want to be mean with him and wants to support him. Later, Rakhi also mentions that she never wanted to come between Abhinav and Rakhi. Later, Arshi also saves Abhinav on her turn. Meanwhile, Arshi once again tries to mend his ways Rahul once again.

10:30 PM: The episode begins with nomination task and Rubina is the first on to enter the confession room. She has been asked to name the contestant she wants to save from elimination and she names Abhinav. While everyone is willing to go last in the game, Abhinav takes the next turn and says he will not tear his name as he wants to be in the game. Meanwhile, Arshi and Devoleena get into an argument over house duties.

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