Bigg Boss 14: February 5 Written Update: Devoleena breaks down, Rakhi gets into a tiff with Nikki

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed some major fights in the household. The latest one involves Rakhi and Nikki.
Bigg Boss 14: February 5 Written Update: Devoleena breaks down, Rakhi gets into a tiff with Nikki
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10.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

11.00 am: Rakhi talks to Rahul and Aly about household duties. Meanwhile, Devoleena gets into an argument with Arshi and Rubina over the duty regarding utensils. Nikki alleges that she is doing everything for the camera. Rakhi goes and informs Devo about the same. Arshi calls out names and they reply to her in the same way. She also takes a jibe at Rubina in between post which the latter says again that she is doing it for the camera.

12.30 pm: Rakhi and Devoleena’s fight with Arshi and Abhinav continues.

1.00 pm: Rubina asks Devoleena and Rakhi the reason behind not washing utensils. They tell her that it is she who asked them not to do the duty. Rubina then states that it was during the task which the duo denies. Meanwhile, Abhinav tells Rubina that she is looking like a fool here. When Rahul reprimands Devoleena about the same, she says that she wants a sorry from Rubina for whatever she said the earlier time. She does so hilariously post which Devoleena and Rakhi readily get up.

1.30 pm: Arshi asks Rahul why she deserves to get scolded. The latter gives a reason behind the same and so does Devoleena. She tries clearing things out with Rahul.

2.15 pm: Devoleena talks to Nikki about whatever Arshi told her and Rahul the earlier day. She talks about how the latter prayed for someone’s nearer one to be dead. Meanwhile, Abhinav talks to Rubina about Devoleena and Rakhi. He tells her about the conversation between the duo that he overheard.

3.45 pm: Devoleena breaks down and Rakhi tries consoling her. She talks about how Arshi cursed about the death of her loved ones. The actress asks Bigg Boss to call her to the confession room. She breaks down the utensils in front of Arshi. Aly and Nikki ask her what happened and she conveys the same to them. She charges at Arshi but Abhinav and others try to stop her. Meanwhile, Rubina says that she is allegedly creating a ruckus after almost three hours.

Nikki, Aly, Rakhi, and others try consoling Devoleena. Later on, she gets into an argument with Rubina over the same. Meanwhile, Arshi tries clearing her stance but Devoleena suddenly puts food inside her mouth. Arshi breaks down and Rubina tries consoling her.

4.00 pm: Devoleena and Arshi’s fight continues while the others try to calm them down. While the others try cleaning things up, Devoleena breaks down in the bathroom area. She shrieks there leaving Rakhi, Nikki, and others shocked. She talks about her pet dog Angel and says that the latter is unwell.

4.15 pm: Devoleena is informed that Angel is doing fine. She breaks down again and states that she is not able to handle the situation. She is reprimanded for doing self-harm. The actress is reminded of her back injury and asked to be careful about the same. Meanwhile, Rahul advises Arshi not to poke others. She denies doing so post which he says that she did the same thing with him. Arshi breaks down and says that she never said such things. On the other hand, Rahul returns her Sheru.

4.30 pm: Devoleena breaks down in front of Rakhi while the latter tries consoling her. On the other hand, Rubina states that whatever Devo did was already planned. She also says that she feels Devoleena might want to leave with the money. Meanwhile, Rahul and Aly talk about how Rubina went wrong.

7.15 pm: Bigg Boss calls out Devoleena for forcefully putting food into Arshi’s mouth. She is nominated for the entire season as a punishment. The same thing applies to Eijaz if he ever returns to the show.

8.15 pm: Arshi asks Rakhi when the food will get ready post which an indirect fight ensues between them. The latter takes a jibe at Nikki. This leads to an ugly fight between both of them.

9.00 pm: Nikki asks for her hairbands, makeup, and perfume from Rakhi. The latter asks for her golden eyeshadow and states that she will return everything. Meanwhile, Rubina gives her a brand new makeup kit and asks her to give it to Rakhi. When the latter refuses to return, Nikki goes and takes the things on her own. She then gives the new palette given by Rubina to her. However, Rakhi despises the same and then throws it away. Rahul confronts her over the same and gets into a fight with her. Rakhi calls the brand disgusting and slams Nikki. Rubina gets angry and asks her stylist on camera for sending the said brand for Rakhi.

9.45 pm: Devoleena breaks down and talks to Rakhi. The latter also breaks down. She then states that she will return the perfume only when her palette returns. Rakhi obliges with Devoleena’s request and says that she will return everything. She then states that her mom is hospitalized and that her brother is out of town.

10.45 pm: Rahul questions Nikki about throwing away her items. She justifies the same and post that they have a conversation about Rakhi.

11.00 pm: Rakhi searches for the items in the dustbin but is unable to find the same. Nikki then states that she would definitely take it out. However, they are shocked to find that it’s not there anymore. She asks Devoleena if she has changed the dustbin bag to which she replies in the affirmative. Devoleena, Aly, and Rahul try helping her out.

11.30 pm: On Rakhi’s request, Rahul asks for an eyelash glue from Disha through the camera. Meanwhile, Arshi goes and informs Abhinav, Nikki, and others about the same.

12.30 am: Aly, Abhinav, and Nikki talk about whatever happened between her and Rakhi.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Devoleena the devil she is simply making so much natak in big boss house. She is with rakhi because to gain vote and she picks small issues and makes it big. Please throw her out. Now for this also salman khan and big boss will be after Rubina. Please stop being behind Rubina for once. Throw that Devoleena out she is spoiling Ejaz game. Ejaz is not like this at all. .

Anonymous 2 months ago

I think Rubina and Arshi both were wrong . For a toy Arshi cannot give badua and Rubina saying after three hours she is doing this all .