Bigg Boss 14: February 8 Written Update: Contestants' connections enter the house; Paras still in quarantine

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed how the housemates got elated after getting a big surprise after the intense 'Weekend Ka Vaar.' Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 14: February 8 Written Update: Contestants' connections enter the house; Paras still in quarantine Bigg Boss 14: February 8 Written Update: Contestants' connections enter the house; Paras still in quarantine
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8.00 am: The episode begins with a song playing and the housemates dancing to the tunes of a peppy number.

9.00 am: Nikki has a fun conversation with Rubina and Abhinav about a crazy dog. Post that, all of them have a discussion about the disease of rabies.

11.30 am: Jasmin enters the house as Aly Goni’s connection. She conveys her message to him through the TV screen before entering the same. The actress praises Aly by saying that he is playing the right game and that he has been loyal to his friends. She, however, states that he has been carried away recently. Jasmin also advises Rubina not to lose her calm. She also praises Abhinav and Rahul. She, however, says that she doesn’t approve of some of Rakhi’s actions but also asks her to make note of whatever happened on the weekend.

The next to come is Jyotika who is Rubina’s connection. She gives her piece of advice to the latter. She praises Aly for calling Rubina her sister. She also says a few words for Rahul, Rakhi, and Abhinav. The next one is Jaan Kumar Sanu who has entered the show to support Nikki. He advises the actress over her choice of words and asks her to play individually. He also praises Aly and Rahul’s friendship.

Post that, Rahul Mahajan enters Bigg Boss 14 to support Abhinav Shukla. He also has some piece of advice for all the contestants. Toshi Sabri then enters the show as Rahul Vaidya’s connection. He praises the singer by stating that the entire country is loving him. The next to enter the show is Vindu Dara Singh who is Rakhi Sawant’s connection. He informs the actress that her mom is undergoing her chemotherapy.

Bigg Boss then announces that the connections will be staying with the contestants for a week. They finally enter the house and hug each other. Jasmin tells Rahul that Disha is missing him and that she is really proud of him. Meanwhile, Jasmin gives Aly a piece of his mind. She tells him that he is looking like somebody’s Wazir. On the other hand, Rubina’s sister talks to Rakhi. Jyotika tells her that she was looking entertaining until she was doing healthy flirting with Abhinav.

12.00 pm: Paras Chhabra informs through MeTV that he will be entering the Bigg Boss house as Devoleena’s connection. The actor also informs them that he is under quarantine and that he will enter soon. Meanwhile, Jasmin asks Rahul not to trust Devoleena and informs him that the latter spoke behind the singer’s back during a previous task.

Aly tells Jasmin that Rubina and Abhinav have been helping him out a lot. Jasmin tells him that Rubina has made her strongest competition (Aly) an ally. This leads to a disagreement between the duo about the actress. She then asks him not to be someone’s sidekick while agreeing to the fact that Rubina is not a bad person. Vindu talks to Rahul about how he left the show and came back to become friends with Aly and so on.

01.15 pm: Jaan and Nikki have a discussion with each other.

01.30 pm: Rahul Mahajan asks Rakhi about her husband and indulges in fun banter with her. She tells him that Ritesh is an NRI.

01.45 pm: Rahul Mahajan gives his piece of advice to Rakhi. Meanwhile, Vindu brings some products for Rakhi which makes her extremely happy.

02.00 pm: Jasmin, Aly, and Vindu have a discussion with each other about certain contestants.

02.30 pm: Jasmin, Aly, Jaan, and Rahul have a discussion about some contestants. Jyotika interrupts in between which upsets Jasmin.

03.15 pm: Jasmin and Rahul Mahajan have a discussion about each other. She breaks down stating that she has many bad memories in the house. Later on, all the housemates share some light moments with each other. Meanwhile, Aly has a separate conversation with Rubina.

12.00 am: Jasmin, Nikki, and others talk about whatever series of events happened earlier.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Is jasmin a contestant or a cohost? She’s behaving like girl working in a parlor, parading around waiting for customers