Bigg Boss 14: February 9 Written Update: Abhinav Shukla gets evicted; Advises Rubina to play well

The connections of the housemates are given a huge responsibility during the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14. They are asked to choose one contestant who they think has performed the least in the show.
Bigg Boss 14: February 9 Written Update: Abhinav Shukla gets evicted; Advises Rubina to play well Bigg Boss 14: February 9 Written Update: Abhinav Shukla gets evicted; Advises Rubina to play well
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8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a song.

8.45 am: Rakhi talks about how Sonali will react if Aly gets evicted. Jasmin recalls an episode when Sonali was watching Aly like a teenager.

10.30 am: Aly, Jasmin, and Rahul have a discussion with each other. They advise her to not speak about certain things that she agrees with. Jasmin then tells Aly that she is emotional and that things affect her easily.

11.00 am: Rubina tells Jasmin that she didn’t get a good vibe from her the earlier day. The latter then clarifies that she doesn’t hold any grudge against her. She talks about how questions are forcefully imposed on her on the outside. The actress then says that she felt Rubina was wrong in the show at times. Meanwhile, Rakhi hilariously talks to Jyotika about maintaining her eyebrows. Abhinav says that Rakhi told plucking eyebrows damages the bone marrow that leaves everyone in splits.

2.30 pm: Rahul Mahajan talks to Rubina about her constant tiff with Rahul Vaidya. He advises her to be cordial with the latter. She agrees to it and so does Rahul Vaidya. The latter then asks her about a previous conversation when she said that she won’t meet a person outside if she doesn’t like him or her. The actress clarifies her stance in it.

2.45 pm: All the supporters are asked to gather in the living area while the other contestants are asked to stay in the garden area. Meanwhile, the shutter suddenly goes down. Bigg Boss then informs that something very different will be happening then. They are also informed about how the audience keep a track of their stint in the show. The supporters are asked to vote out one of the contestants for eviction while keeping in mind their performance in the show.

The first to go inside the confession room is Rahul Mahajan who takes the name of Devoleena/ Eijaz Khan. He says that she couldn’t handle things or entertain the way Eijaz did inside the house. Meanwhile, Rakhi breaks down while fearing that she might be evicted. The next is Jasmin who takes Abhinav Shukla’s name while stating that he has not contributed much to the show. Jyotika takes Devoleena/Eijaz’s name while recalling how the actress behaved in the house in the previous week. Jaan, on the other hand, also takes Abhinav’s name saying that he has begun performing only in the past two weeks.

Toshi takes Nikki’s name saying that she doesn’t put effort during tasks and that she misguides people. Vindu Dara Singh takes Abhinav’s name saying that if he goes outside then Rubina will be able to play individually. Paras, who is yet to enter the house, is also asked to name the one who he thinks should be evicted. He takes Rahul Vaidya’s name while stating that he is playing with the help of Aly Goni.

3.45 pm: Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area with their supporters. They are informed that the ones who definitely won’t be evicted are Rubina, Rakhi, and Aly as no one voted for them. Meanwhile, Devoleena/Eijaz, Abhinav, Rahul, and Nikki are the ones who are in danger. They are asked to speak their hearts out before the final call. All of them do the same. Bigg Boss then says that Abhinav has been evicted. His supporter Rahul Mahajan is also asked to come out. Rubina breaks down and everyone tries consoling her. Abhinav and Rubina hug each other out. He advises her to play well in the upcoming 11 days. He then bids goodbye to everyone. However, the housemates are informed that all of them are still nominated.

4.15 pm: The housemates have a discussion about whatever happened and the upcoming game plans.

4.30 pm: Toshi Sabri talks to Rubina about his family. He praises the actress about how she came along the entire way in the show.

6.00 pm: Some of the housemates and the supporters indulge in fun banter. They talk about the bag of money which is given ahead of the finale to someone who opts to walk out.

6.15 pm: Rahul asks Toshi about taking Nikki’s name during the earlier eviction task. Later on, the housemates are given a task to perform as famous Bollywood pairs. Rubina, Toshi, and Jyotika are asked to judge the show while Vindu will be hosting the same. Aly and Jasmin are the first ones to perform as Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. The next to perform are Rahul, Rakhi, and Devoleena as Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, and Rani Mukerji. The last couple to perform is Nikki and Jaan who pose as Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor. Aly and Jasmin end up winning the task.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

What is rubina's sister saying abt rakhi rhat she is jealous of rubina, i never got thta kind of vibe from rakhi, she uses foul language n do many other things.. but she us definitely nt jealous of rubina.. who always find faults in others. N she always supports those who r on her side like she supported jasmin n now nikki , so rubina is no saint please

Anonymous 3 months ago

Oh please dont cry, i like abhinav , but he is now been seen only vcoz of rakhi, secondly during the start of the big boss too contestants were voted out this way , which according to me was unfair too. Chance should be equal for all

Anonymous 3 months ago

Rahul vaidya the pervert, aly Goni with his fake sisterly bond towards rubina but laughed at what Rahul vaidya was describing about rubina’s sister. A true gentleman would’ve put a stop to and defend a innocent woman honor. As for jasmean, she should’ve walked away but instead this girl is blinded by hate and consumed by jealousy, just laught. Just remember jasmean, it could’ve been you.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Totally agree, what does the host has to say about this? Any guess

Anonymous 3 months ago

Vindu ji how will you react, when you watch tonight’s episode once you’re out? Where Rahul aly and jasmin talked and make fun about an innocent person, naina.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Wow, hats off to you ppl. In a pre planned joint efforts you eliminated a gentleman and kept the misogynists contestants. The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the end of tonight episode of Rahul vaidya, aly Goni and dusbin talking and laughing about rubina’s sister. ( luggage room gossip about a innocent woman)

Anonymous 3 months ago

It’s evident that everyone who’s part of the bb show must leave the house but the way abhinav was eliminated was very disheartening. The way vindu and others expressed their reasons as to why they voted to eliminate abhinav, sounded very rehearsed and mimic what other contestants had said. I’m of opinion, that it should’ve been the audience vote who should determine who gets eliminated but this move by the creators/ host is how they garner ratings by having fans involved in voicing their opinion/grievances and outrage. At the end it’s all about who the creators/host believes should win, whosoever lives/career get ruined and most of all it’s about the ppl on top making the most $ from exploiting ppl weakness, using some kindness as their weakness, breaking relationship and most of all pretend like they care.