Bigg Boss 14: Gauahar, Kamya Punjabi feel Kavita & Eijaz Khan's fight is 'stretched'; Tell everyone to move on

Kamya Punjabi and Gauahar Khan expressed their views on Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan's ugly spat still being discussed in the recent episodes of Bigg Boss 14. Here's what they have to say about it.
Bigg Boss 14: Gauahar, Kamya Punjabi feel Kavita & Eijaz Khan's fight is 'stretched'; Tell everyone to move on
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The last two episodes of Bigg Boss 14 have been highly entertaining, with BB Adalat being conducted in the house. The special guests Farah Khan, Charrul Malik, and Amith Tyagi asked some firey questions to all housemates, and they tried to clear the air. Almost all topics and behaviours of the inmates were touched upon, putting contestants in a difficult spot. 

Amidst this, as Kavita Kaushik took over the witness box, she was yet again questioned about her 'ugly spat' with Eijaz Khan before her eviction. As Farah asked Kavita if she felt bad for the fight after elimination, the actress stood firm on her opinions. Kavita outrightly declared that she is not sorry or apologetic for her 'reaction' during the brawl with Eijaz. While Eijaz and panelists seemed a little upset with Kavita not feeling guilty for her nasty outburst, two ex-contestants feel that this topic has been 'stretched' too much now. We're talking about Gauahar Khan and Kamya Punjabi. 

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Gauhar and Kamya think that Kavita and Eijaz's spat is being dragged too much by everyone, and it needs to stop now, as the actress has put across her point too many times. The two former contestants took to their Twitter handle to express their opinions about Kavita being 'grilled' by the BB Adalat panelists on her fight with Eijaz. 

Kamya wrote, 'Rubber ko pehle khichte hai phir kehte hai ki rubber toot gaya dekho. (First, you keep pulling a rubber till the very end, and then complain of it breaking apart). Arre bas karo yaar it is getting too boring.  Bigg Boss it is time to move on.' Not only this, she also exposed how Farah Khan was wrong to say that Eijaz Khan does not back-bite. 

She added, 'Also did not Farah Khan say that Eijaz Khan pith piche baat nahi karte kisike? Yeh abhi Nikki (Tamboli) ke saath kya kar rahe hai?' (Farah said that Eijaz does not talk behind people's back, but what is he doing with Nikki now?).

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan also seemed of the same opinion. She tweeted, 'Kavita me galti ki , maante hain, over react kiya , maante hain , par iss ghar mein kisne nahi kiya ? 1 side so much sahunubhuti for 1 person, n jisko dekho bas Kavita ne galti, Kavita ne over react! Arre Bas bhi karo!' (We agree Kavita did a mistake and overreacted, but enough is enough now!) 

Take a look at Kamya and Gauahar's tweets here: 

Meanwhile, the BB Adalat panelists nominated Shardul Pandit after the session. What are your thoughts on the same? Do you agree with Gauahar and Kamya's opinions? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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