Bigg Boss 14: January 10 Written Update: Jasmin Bhasin gets evicted; Housemates including Salman get emotional

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode ended on a rather emotional note. Amidst all of this, Salman Khan also gave the housemates a piece of their minds.
Bigg Boss 14: January 10 Written Update: Jasmin Bhasin gets evicted; Housemates including Salman get emotional
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The episode begins with the entry of Salman Khan post which he greets the audience. He shows them a glimpse of when the housemates like Abhinav, Rubina, and others talk about a term called ‘false narrative.’ Many of them can be heard saying that a few others have tried creating a false image of them in front of the audience. He shows them a video in which the housemates are given a task to name those who they think have created a false narrative. 

Chaos ensues then Rubina begins with the task and many of the housemates disagree with her. Eventually, the task continues amid a few arguments among them. Later on, Salman enters the house through ‘Me-TV.’ The superstar begins with the topic of hygiene and suggests that the housemates do not make an issue about the same. He adds that Rahul Vaidya gave her the cardamom earlier just for her own good and that it was wrong for her to say the same.

He praises Vikas, Eijaz, Rahul, and Aly for stopping the girls (Rakhi, Jasmin, Nikki, and Arshi) from talking about the same. Salman then asks them the meaning of bullying in Hindi. All of them provide varied meanings for it. The superstar clarifies the same by stating that whenever someone tries talking and a group comes to stop him or her it is bullying. Rahul Vaidya tries to provide his point of view about it. 

Salman advises the housemates to give others the chance to speak other than giving themselves the importance. The actor says that Eijaz has lost the plot and says that he is giving a false narrative about other housemates. This leaves the latter confused and he tries explaining himself but is interrupted by the superstar. Later on, everyone is left in splits as Salman was simply joking about it. He then asks him what a false narrative.

Eijaz says that the term was introduced by Rubina and that happened when he gave his opinion regarding Nikki not making Rakhi’s bed. Salman asks her if it was her duty to make the bed and Nikki replies in the affirmative. However, she also adds that she didn’t do Rakhi’s bed for two days. Next, we see that Salman Khan enters the BB house and starts making Rakhi’s bed. This leaves the rest of the housemates astonished and embarrassed.

He then goes to the stage and begins with the topic of the false narrative again. Eijaz says that this began when he talked about how the housemates treated Rakhi unequally. This is when Rubina allegedly said that the actor created a false narrative inside the house. Salman asks about it to the actress. Abhinav interrupts in between but apologizes when the superstar reprimands him. She says that she has noticed a few things about Eijaz in the past few weeks. Rubi says how the latter talked to Manu Punjabi about the former and Jasmin being the faces of a particular channel.

The actress says how Eijaz used a word for Nikki which they never used for Rakhi. Salman asks Aly if he agrees with her post which the latter provides his perspective. He also explains to Rubi how she was wrong in this regard and the same goes for Abhinav. He also tells the couple that the housemates have got the term false narrative from them. Salman then blasts them regarding the same. 

Salman Khan then comes to Jasmin and asks her about the entire thing revolving around the false narrative. He then also talks to the housemates about the frequent use of the word makers or the channel. The actor asks the names of those who have been nominated and blasts them for putting allegations against the makers. Jasmin says that she stopped the rest of the three (Aly, Abhinav, and Rubina) from doing that and Salman agrees to the same.

He then puts forward certain theories about it while taking an indirect jibe at them. Salman says that he has heard housemates talking about him at times. He also bursts the housemates about taking up the topics that come up in the weekend episodes. The actor then comes to Arshi Khan and blasts her for using cuss words and taking the names of others’ family members. He confronts her about damaging the property of the house. Arshi is reminded of how she befriends and then targets the same group of people. Salman tells her how she bursts out at those who try to advise her at times. 

Later on, it’s time for the caller of the week who has a question for Aly. He is asked about the time when he talked about some stuff after being nominated by Bigg Boss for breaking rules. Next, he pulls Sonali Phogat’s legs over the fact that he didn’t take her name. Later on, Rakhi and Sonali hilariously hop on to the former’s bed that was done by Salman Khan. 

The actor then talks about the evictions and asks the four nominees Jasmin, Aly, Abhinav, and Rubina to come forward. Moreover, the rest of the housemates are asked to freeze. It is finally revealed that Jasmin has been evicted from the house. This leaves all of them emotional including Salman Khan. Aly breaks down badly after Jasmin’s eviction while Rahul tries to console him. After some time, Rubina also tries to talk to Aly and calm him down. 

She then talks to Rakhi Sawant about her feelings. Rubi says that if she had known then she would have tried clearing things out with Jasmin. Later on, the housemates also try to console Aly and remind him that Jasmin’s father will be proud of him. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Arshi is a shameless character.

Anonymous 2 months ago

This show is so scripted, promote favoritism, degrade women in the name of entertainment, exploit depression/mental illness, used ppl personal problems to garner ratings, suppression/ devalue women, condemning ppl for using their intellect and the list goes on. The only reason jasmean exit is to clean up her negative behavior. She herself didn’t want to be in the house anymore. Bb gives an advantage to certain contestants. It’s a revolving door policy for fav contestants. In the end it will be 1 of the contestants that is favored by salman khan lifting the trophy