Bigg Boss 14: January 11 Written Update: Rahul, Nikki, Rubina & Sonali get nominated

Bigg Boss 14's nomination special episode was quite an intense one. Moreover, some major fights took place inside the BB house including the one involving Sonali and Nikki.
Bigg Boss 14: January 11 Written Update: Rahul, Nikki, Rubina & Sonali get nominated
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The episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage and greeting the audience. He also informs that it’s a nomination special episode. The host also talks about how the entire household got emotional after Jasmin Bhasin’s elimination. He then turns around to talk to the housemates. Salman starts off by pulling Aly’s leg and states that after Jasmin, Sonali Phogat became his best friend. He asks Rubina the reason behind Jasmin getting lesser votes but she breaks down while talking about it.

Post that, Salman asks Eijaz about his equation with Pavitra which leaves him blushing. The actor also pulls his leg in between leaving everyone else in splits. Then Rakhi Sawant is shown a video made on her by Yashraj Mukhate. Post that, Salman Khan talks to the housemates about tasks and informs them about the ‘Sultani Akhada.’ Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan are selected to go for a fight. The first round ends in a draw. Later on, Arshi wins the task. 

The housemates are then given another task in which they have to say for whom they would want to lay thorns in the coming days (in a metaphorical sense). Rahul, Eijaz, Rakhi, and Arshi take Rubina’s name, Nikki takes Abhinav’s name, Vikas takes Arshi’s name, Sonali takes Nikki’s name, Aly takes Rakhi’s name, Arshi takes Rubina’s name, the latter takes Nikki’s name, Abhinav takes Eijaz’s name. 

Later on, this leads to massive arguments among the housemates. Next, it’s time for the nominations. Rakhi is given the power to save one of the housemates from the same. She ends up saving Abhinav Shukla. This leaves Sonali angry but Salman says that it’s her choice. Vikas and Rubina go inside the theatre and asked to decide among themselves and choose between Rahul and Aly for nomination. They end up saving Aly and Rahul gets nominated.

In between all of this, Sonali bursts out at Rakhi for not saving her. The next to go inside are Aly and Rahul. They are asked to choose between Arshi and Nikki for nomination. Both of them end up nominating Nikki. Eijaz and Sonali are asked to choose between Vikas and Rubina. They nominate the latter. Arshi and Nikki nominate Sonali instead of Eijaz Khan. Salman Khan then informs them that Rahul, Nikki, Rubina, and Sonali are nominated. He bids goodbye to everyone.

Sonali and Rahul have a discussion about Rakhi’s game and that of Vikas Gupta. Aly talks to Abhinav about Jasmin. Later on, Sonali asks Nikki to remove her items from her bed. This leads to an argument between the two of them. She then throws off everything including the food on Nikki’s bed. This leaves the latter angry and she shows the same to everyone. The rest of the housemates try explaining Sonali but she is adamant about her decision. Her fight with Nikki intensifies later on. 

Sonali confronts Abhinav over not stopping Nikki from misbehaving with her. This leads to an altercation between the two of them. Later on, Rahul talks to Nikki and tells her how the rest of the housemates advise him not to trust her. She then says that she never played a game with him. In the midst of all this, Sonali alleges Nikki threw her clothes inside the bathroom. 

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Stay strong Nikki, just becos u young inmates try to bully you. Yes Sonali & Ali da Goon is just as rude n disrespectful. Both need to be kicked out. Disappointed in Rahul he could not take Support Nikki in the nomination task against the Ali the goon

Anonymous 1 week ago

Nikki is so disrespectful and has no way of talking. Disgusting behaviour. Don't know why she ever came back, she needs to go, she's annoying as hell.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Kick Sonali Aunt. Nikki is only few year older than her daughter. Disgusting woman. Picking on her. Shame on her. Because Nikki's Mom didn't consider her as a Captain. She disrespected vher mother. Salman didn't even bothered to address that. He was just concerned about Rakhi's bed and to disrespect Rubinav. He himself was doing the same thing. Nikki ko Neecha dikhana. Two face man.. Stay strong Nikki.