Bigg Boss 14: January 12 Written Update: Rakhi Sawant in dilemma as coffee goes missing

A few of the housemates are giving a tough time to Rakhi Sawant amid her captaincy week. Read on for further details.
Bigg Boss 14: January 12 Written Update: Rakhi Sawant in dilemma as coffee goes missing
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10.45 am: Rahul, Arshi, and Aly clear things out.

12.00 pm: Rakhi allots certain tasks to some of the housemates. She has a talk with Rubina about the same. The latter advises her on the captaincy task.  Eijaz and Rubina get involved in a tiff in between and Rahul also interrupts later on. 

12.30 pm: Rakhi allows only Arshi and Eijaz to enter the mall and restricts Rahul from entering inside. However, he forcefully enters and gets into a spat with her. 

12.45 pm: Sonali tells Rakhi how people changed after she got authority over the house. Abhinav tries clearing it out that he stopped Rubina, Nikki, and Jasmin from speaking about Rakhi. Sonali then alleges that Rubina has been roaming nearby the captain since morning. In the midst of all this, Eijaz and Abhinav get into a fight. Rubina and Sonali get into a spat after the same.

1.45 pm: Aly alleges that Rakhi cursed for him to be separated from Jasmin. He says that she broke his heart despite getting a clarification that she didn’t do anything of that sort. He bursts out at her badly but is stopped by Rahul, Rubina, and others. Eijaz tells Rakhi that she shouldn’t have prayed for Jasmin and Aly to be separated. She agrees to it and says that she did pray but nothing remains in her hand. 

2.45 pm: Vikas is overwhelmed after getting to see the luxury budget items sent by Bigg Boss. He along with Nikki hides some of the items and then calls the others to take the rest. 

5.45 pm: Nikki and Rubina have a discussion about some of the housemates. Rakhi and Abhinav talk about how the people have burst out at her because she didn’t save them from nominations. She calls Sonali and explains the same. 

11.45 pm: Aly talks about how Rubina tried to console him the other day after Jasmin’s exit. He praised her for the same in front of Arshi and Rahul.

12.30 am: Rakhi and Sonali have a good laugh about Aly and Rahul. 

12.45 am: Arshi, Sonali, Eijaz, and Aly involve in a fun banter. 

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. Later on, Rakhi alleges that Eijaz is targeting her amid her captaincy. This leads to an ugly spat between the two of them. 

10.45 am: Arshi tries defending Eijaz in front of Rakhi. But this leaves him angry and he says that no one should talk about him. Aly also interrupts in between and gets into a fight with Rakhi.

11.00 am: Aly and Arshi take a jibe at Rakhi and she tries answering them in a sarcastic tone. Later on, Aly alleges that whatever is happening, it’s because of Eijaz as he had said that everyone was targeting Rakhi. 

11.30 am: Rakhi assigns a task to Eijaz but he refuses to do so while stating that she is targeting him. Rahul comes in between and says that she is creating wrong issues. 

11.45 am: Rakhi asks Eijaz to do his task again but he is adamant with his decision. 

12.00 pm: Rakhi enters the mall but Arshi and Aly also forcefully enter inside. Arshi steals some of the clothes and runs away despite being stopped by others. 

12.15 pm: Abhinav and Arshi try to clear things out. She then states that the cuss word that Eijaz used for her was wrong. 

1.00 pm: Eijaz asks Rakhi to get the broom replaced. She agrees to it and informs Bigg Boss about the same in a rather sarcastic tone. 

1.30 pm: Rubina advises Rakhi not to give others the chance to say things to her. 

2.15 pm: Aly, Arshi, and Nikki try to pull Rakhi’s leg by calling her Bua or Aunty.

3.00 pm: Rakhi tells Sonali and Rubina how the others pulled her leg. She gets emotional and says that she gained a little weight in the past year. Later on, she tells Abhinav that coffee is missing. 

4.15 pm: Rakhi tells Abhinav, Rubi, and others that Sonali has fallen in love with Aly. However, they refuse to listen to the same. Meanwhile, Rahul and Arshi talk to her if she has fallen in love with someone. They pull her leg hilariously in connection with the same. 

7.15 pm: Rakhi and Abhinav have a discussion about the missing coffee inside the mall. In between all of this, Rahul and Rubina get involved in a tiff regarding Rakhi. 

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