Bigg Boss 14: January 13 Written Update: Eijaz & Arshi at loggerheads again; Rahul fights with Rubi & Abhinav

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed a fun task between Rakhi and Abhinav's team. Amidst all of this, there were some massive fights among the housemates.
Bigg Boss 14: January 13 Written Update: Eijaz & Arshi at loggerheads again; Rahul fights with Rubi & Abhinav
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8.15 pm: Rahul and Eijaz take a jibe at Rubina while she stands in front of Rakhi and alleges that the coffee has been stolen. In the midst of all this, she gets into a fight with Eijaz. Rakhi keeps on asking who stole her coffee. Rubina and Rahul also get into a tiff in between. 

8.30 pm: Rubina clears a confusion with Vikas about the nomination session when the latter told that Rahul’s love Disha is good friends with him. However, Rahul is adamant that it is Rubina who took Disha’s name earlier. 

9.00 pm: Rakhi and Eijaz have an altercation about the latter doing his work. 

9.15 pm: Rakhi breaks down and Sonali tries to console her. She says that she committed a mistake by becoming a captain. She also alleges how Eijaz is throwing tantrums inside the house. Sonali asks Eijaz to talk to Rakhi but he refuses to do so. Later on, she gets into a tiff with Arshi. 

12.15 am: Sonali and Aly indulge in fun banter. She asks him if it feels like she is behaving in a childish manner. Aly tries explaining the same while stating that she didn’t do anything wrong. He also adds that he respects her feelings. 

8.00 am: The lights are turned on and the housemates wake up amid a song playing in the background. 

8.30 am: Arshi says that Sonali expressed her feelings the other night but the latter says that there is nothing serious about the same. Rakhi talks to Vikas about Arshi’s game. The latter says that Arshi is scared of her. 

9.00 am: Arshi jokes about something but Eijaz asks her not to do so. Later on, she asks him if he is looking for chances to fight with her. 

10.45 am: Arshi talks to Vikas and Abhinav about Sonali’s feelings for Aly. Meanwhile, Aly talks to Rubina about Sonali. 

11.00 am: Aly asks Arshi not to talk about him and Sonali. 

1.30 pm: Rakhi tells Abhinav that she saved him because she wanted his support and that he is a good person. She hilariously adds that she wants to make herself happy. 

2.00 pm: The housemates are given a new task which is related to ‘neighbours.’ All the housemates are divided into Abhinav and Rakhi’s families respectively. Meanwhile, Vikas goes and hides the camera. Later on, the task begins and Rakhi tries flirting with Abhinav as per the task. Meanwhile, Vikas, Rubina, Arshi, and others strategize about the task. Later on, Rubina asks Vikas if he trusts Arshi but he replies in the negative. 

4.00 pm: The buzzer rings and the other team starts building walls. Meanwhile, Rakhi steps out to watch Abhinav as a part of the task. It is only later that they realize the camera is missing. 

4.15 pm: Chaos ensues inside the house due to the missing camera. Meanwhile, Aly says he will cancel the task. Meanwhile, Vikas alleges that Arshi has the camera. 

5.15 pm: Arshi suspects Vikas might have stolen the camera. 

5.30 pm: Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in the living area. They are informed that Abhinav’s team broke the rules and hid the camera on Rakhi’s side. That is why the latter’s team wins the first round. 

5.45 pm: Eijaz bursts out at Arshi as she told him to fight with Rakhi. She then states that she told so because Rakhi misbehaves with him. Later on, Arshi and Eijaz get into an ugly fight. 

6.00 pm: Rahul, Abhinav, and Rubina get into a massive fight. Meanwhile, the second round is won by Abhinav’s team. 

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