Bigg Boss 14, January 17 Written Update: Salman Khan celebrates with housemates; No eliminations this weekend

This weekend was a special one for the Bigg Boss 14 housemates as they finally got to indulge in some festivities. However, there were also some tasks and nasty arguments in between.
Bigg Boss 14, January 17 Written Update: Salman Khan celebrates with housemates; No eliminations this weekend
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The episode starts with the entry of Salman Khan on stage post which he greets the audience. He talks about enjoying the festivities with the housemates in Bigg Boss’ style. The host asks everyone who among them is nominated. The program begins with a dance performance by Rakhi Sawant followed by Nikki Tamboli and Eijaz Khan. Salman then pulls Eijaz’s legs by taking Pavitra Punia’s name. Sonali then sings a song on everyone’s demand followed by Rahul Vaidya.

Later on, Aly and Sonali give a dance performance and so does Salman who shakes a leg on the stage. The housemates are given a task to throw the popcorns into the fire and give away their weaknesses. They do the same one by one. Post that, Sargun Mehta and Harrdy Sandhu enter the show for the promotion of a song of theirs. They also interact with the housemates. After that they allot a task to the housemates as a part of which they would have to feed ‘fareb wale laddus’ to the one who they think has betrayed them.

Nikki takes Rahul’s name and feeds him one. This is followed by Arshi taking Rubina’s name, Eijaz taking Rakhi’s name, Aly taking Nikki’s name, Rubina taking Arshi’s name, Rahul taking Nikki’s name, Abhinav taking Eijaz’s name, Sonali taking Rubina’s name, and Rakhi taking Abhinav’s name. Meanwhile, Rubina and Abhinav have a discussion regarding Arshi taking the former’s name during the task. Later on, Nikki and Abhi tell Rubina she shouldn’t have thrown the laddu given by Arshi earlier.

Tulsi Kumar is the next guest to come to Bigg Boss 14 and then she sings a song of hers. Next, it’s time for the caller of the week. The caller asks Abhinav the reason behind his aggression towards Eijaz during the latter’s fight with Rubina. He says that he didn’t show aggression but instead asked him to stay away from his wife. Eijaz gives his clarification regarding the same.  The housemates are then given yet another task in which they have to name one individual among the nominees whom they want to be ousted from the BB house.

Aly, Rakhi, Eijaz, and Arshi take Nikki’s name while Abhi takes Rahul’s name. Sonali, who is also a nominee takes Nikki’s name and so does Rahul. Meanwhile, Nikki and Rubina take Sonali’s name in this regard. Salman Khan then gives Nikki Tamboli a piece of her mind regarding her rude behaviour. Finally, he breaks the ice and says that none of them has been eliminated. He then takes leave from them.

Nikki goes inside and tells Rubina and Abhinav how those who named her rude are the ones who are now congratulating her on being saved. Meanwhile, Aly clears things out with Rakhi. Meanwhile, Arshi, Sonali, Aly, Eijaz, and Nikki indulge in fun banter. In the midst of all this, Sonali gets angry at Arshi for making fun of her. Later on, both of them hug each other out. They also discuss Nikki’s behaviour post which Arshi asks Sonali to forgive her.

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