Bigg Boss 14: January 19 Written Update: Rahul & Rubina's fight intensifies; Nikki switches sides during task

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed the commencement of yet another task. Read on to know how the housemates strategized for the same.
Bigg Boss 14: January 19 Written Update: Rahul & Rubina's fight intensifies; Nikki switches sides during task
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10.00 pm: Arshi Khan asks Vikas Gupta is she is looking negative. The latter gives the answer in a twisted manner.

10.30 pm: Nikki asks Devoleena to come and help her with washing utensils. She laughs it out and says that Eijaz asked her to do whatever she wishes inside the house. Nikki goes near her and explains the same. She asks Devoleena to take the help of someone else to do the task.

11.30 pm: Rakhi tells Abhinav that her dialogues have gone viral outside according to Vikas.

12.00 am: Rakhi hilariously talks about ending things with Abhinav in front of Sonali.

12.45 am: Rakhi and Vikas have a secret discussion together.

1.00 am: Arshi, Aly, and Sonali have a discussion about Devoleena’s game.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up after the playing of a peppy number. Later on, Abhinav and Rubina have a discussion about winning the trophy. Rakhi calls out Bigg Boss and asks for food. Meanwhile, Aly, Rahul, and Arshi make fun of her.

12.45 pm: The shutters are pulled up and the housemates see ‘do not cross’ banners inside the house. They are then asked to gather outside where two boards show the entire house divided into two teams – yellow and red.

1.00 pm: The housemates are given the ‘lockout’ task and amid the same, they are restricted from entering the house. The ones who win will get access to the BB mall. All of them are asked to remain in the garden area. Rubina is the leader of team red while Rahul leads team yellow.

1.15 pm: The housemates begin with their strategies ahead of the task. Vikas tells Devoleena to think of something that will make others bound to enter the house.

1.30 pm: Sonali tells Rakhi someone took away her survival kit. She goes and confronts Vikas too but he denies taking the same. Meanwhile, Arshi strategizes with Aly. Later on, Rahul finds Sonali’s items from Vikas' bed. This leads to an argument between Rahul and Rubina’s team. Meanwhile, Arshi says that she won’t allow anyone to enter the toilet as it’s their area. Rubina tells her team members to drink less water and avoid accessing the toilet.

2.15 pm: Rahul and Rakhi indulge in a fun banter and talk about the food that will be prepared during the night.

2.30 pm: Nikki and Rubina strategize regarding how they will access the washroom.

2.45 pm: Arshi enters the bathroom and Rubina terms it as a unit on the board. Meanwhile, team red members try entering the bathroom but to no avail.

3.15 pm: Nikki asks Arshi to open the door but she denies it. Meanwhile, Rakhi breaks down in hunger. Later on, Rahul and Aly ask Arshi to come out but she denies it. Sonali says that she knew Nikki would betray them and Rahul agrees with her. Meanwhile, Nikki talks to Rubina about the game.

3.30 pm: Rubina declares that Nikki made use of 6 units.

3.45 pm: Rahul tries convincing Rakhi to be on his team’s side. Later on, she also uses a unit from her team’s side as she has to go to the toilet.

4.30 pm: However, Rahul says that Rakhi used 5 units but Rubina disagrees with it. This leads to an argument between Rahul and Rubina.

5.15 pm: The buzzer rings and chaos ensues between the housemates. However, Bigg Boss informs them that it does not mean that the task hasn’t ended and that a few items have come for them inside the house. Nikki goes inside and eats the food that leads to the deduction of three units.

5.30 pm: Sonali says that she feels like having the burger. She prompts Rakhi to do the same but she doesn’t pay heed to her.

6.15 pm: Rahul and Rubina’s fight continues as the other housemates look on. Rahul passes a comment on Abhinav because of which Rubina bursts out at him. She also tells him that he does not have the guts to bring his partner to the show. Rahul then says that he spoke the same as both Rubi and Abhinav are a part of the show.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

It’s good to see abhinav standing up to these bullies even though salman khan will reprimand him over the wkend