Bigg Boss 14: January 20 Written Update: Nikki & Devoleena at loggerheads; Aly & Abhinav lock horns

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode saw a lot of chaos amid the ongoing task. In the midst of all this, several housemates get into ugly fights.
Bigg Boss 14: January 20 Written Update: Nikki & Devoleena at loggerheads; Aly & Abhinav lock horns
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Rubina, Rahul, and Abhinav’s fight continue. She suddenly pushes Rahul out of rage. This leads to an altercation between all the housemates. In the midst of all this, Abhinav and Sonali also get into a fight. He asks Rubina to stay away from Rahul.

6.30 pm: Devoleena says that she wants to have tea and Rahul asks her to inform her team members. They let her go as she says she is having a severe migraine. She breaks down and tells Rahul that if Eijaz would have been there he would have given priority to his housemates. They strategize to stop Nikki from entering inside. Rubina and Vikas confront Devoleena for switching sides. Rahul informs Rubina’s team about the units used by Devoleena which turn out to be 15. Nikki also ends up using multiple units to be the same as the former. Rubina tells Nikki that they should go outside and declare their points. She tells Rahul that Nikki used 29 units. She goes inside with Rubi again.

7.30 pm: Devoleena threatens to cancel the task when Nikki takes a jibe at her. Vikas and others make her understand that they should not cancel the task. She continues her fight with Devoleena. Nikki alleges that the latter has falsely accused others of #MeToo. This leads to Devo entering inside forcefully and then ensues an ugly fight between them. Rubina tries explaining to Nikki and asks her not to say the same.

7.45 pm: All the housemates are called by Bigg Boss to the garden area. They are informed that the first round of the task is over. Team yellow has 56 and team red has 19 points. The latter team is allowed to use the bedroom. The losing team is allowed to use only sleeping bags. Rahul and Aly have a discussion about the game. Rubina asks about the #MeToo incident post which Devoleena narrates whatever happened in the previous season. She said how she used the term during a task for Sidharth during the heat of the moment but later sorted things with him.

8.30 pm: Rubina and Rahul are reprimanded by Bigg Boss when Nikki uses the bedroom. She then leaves immediately after realizing the same.

9.30 pm: Abhinav and Rakhi have a discussion about Aly. She says how the latter convinced her by stating that he will take her to the end of the show.

12.30 am: Abhinav and Rubina discuss the game with Devoleena. They advise she should play her single-game apart other than playing for Eijaz.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

9.15 am: Rubina, Rakhi, Nikki, and Abhinav strategize for the next round of the task.

9.30 am: Rakhi takes a jibe at Nikki for ordering her in front of Abhinav.

10.30 am: Devoleena and Rubina have a discussion about their priorities in the game.

10.45 am: Rakhi confronts Rubina about the latter’s affection towards Nikki over her. Rubi says that the other team is prompting her against them. 

12.00 pm:  Devoleena and Rahul have a discussion about the game.

01.00 pm: Bigg Boss announces the resuming of the task.

01.15 pm: The buzzer rings and the task resumes. Vikas strategizes with Nikki and Rakhi to win the task.

01.30 pm: Vikas says that he is going to sleep inside. Rahul tells him that it will be counted as only a single unit. Rubina, Nikki, and Abhinav discuss the game again while Vikas remains inside.

02.30 pm: Vikas is called outside by Rubina and others. Rahul advises him to stay inside a little more.

02.45 pm: Rakhi indulges in fun banter with Aly that leaves the others in splits.

04.00 pm: Vikas goes inside while stating that he is sick.

05.00 pm: Suddenly a buzzer rings and certain people bring more food inside the house. The door opens and everyone forcefully enters inside. Both Nikki and Devoleena eat the food which is five units. This leads to an argument between both teams. Vikas gets into an argument with Nikki and so do Arshi and Rakhi. Later on, Aly and Abhinav get into a fight.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Nikki is using shukla name to get his fan votes. She can do anything to get into the finals.

Anonymous 1 month ago

BB is stupid reality show.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Bb14 is boring because of fake fights.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Nikki ka baap hai kya shukla. BB 13 khatam apne season ki baat kar.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Nikki is just priyanka jagga part 2

Anonymous 1 month ago

Aly is fake just like JUSTMEAN. His friendship with Abhinav and Ruby is also fake just like wanna behave like lil kid GF.

Anonymous 1 month ago

When Rahul vaidya attacked rubina and abhinav about their personal relationship, no one intervened. Nikki brought up devileena past, everyone got involved. Double standard weak groupies

Anonymous 1 month ago

Why is big mouth devileena speaking in English? Is bb deaf or have selective hearing. This is proof the show is geared towards promoting bullying behavior

Anonymous 1 month ago

Nikki running the house like a true boss