Bigg Boss 14: January 21 Written Update: Abhinav & Aly get into a fight; Rakhi is punished for sharing coffee

Bigg Boss 14's latest task also ends up in a draw. The housemates are then given yet another task which is titled 'Press for Entertainment.'
Bigg Boss 14: January 21 Written Update: Abhinav & Aly get into a fight; Rakhi is punished for sharing coffee
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5.15 pm: Devoleena asks Rubina the reason behind not standing near the door earlier. The latter tries explaining herself and states that if Nikki would have been punished for breaking rules then so will be Devoleena. Meanwhile, Rahul asks Vikas to take rest and takes a jibe at Nikki for whatever she did earlier. She then gets into an argument with Vikas. He then discusses Nikki’s behaviour with Devo. Rubina tries to make Nikki understand things and both of them have a discussion about the same.

Abhinav and Aly also have an argument regarding the same.

5.30 pm: Nikki alleges how others have burst out at her. She then gets into a tiff with Devoleena again. Arshi also takes a jibe at the former amid the same. Devo talks to Aly and Arshi about Nikki’s behaviour.

6.00 pm: Abhinav and Rahul’s discussion continues regarding Nikki’s behaviour in the task earlier. Meanwhile, Vikas and Rubina also discuss the same. The latter states that this is how Nikku originally behaves.

6.15 pm: The next luxury item to arrive is coffee which is 100 units. Bigg Boss informs them that the coffee is meant for only one person who will be having it till the end. Rakhi says that she wants coffee. Abhinav tries to convince her not to do so. Meanwhile, Devoleena and Aly have a discussion post which the former says that she will go for the coffee. Rubina says that she will decide who gets the coffee from her team. Rakhi gears up to go inside but Vikas says that he will not allow her else his team will lose the game. The door opens and Rakhi gets the coffee. In the midst of all this, Vikas calls out Rahul for allegedly pushing him. Later on, Abhinav and Aly get into an ugly fight.

6.45 pm: All the housemates are called to the garden area by Bigg Boss. Nikki goes inside amid this and Rubina adds more units to the other team’s board. This leads to another set of arguments among the housemates. They are informed that the task has come to an end. Both Rahul and Rubina declare the units used by their respective teams. Chaos ensues due to the same again. Meanwhile, Aly and Abhinav get into an ugly fight in between.

7.00 pm: Bigg Boss is all praises for the housemates for giving spectacular performances in the task. However, they are also reprimanded for breaking a few rules. Both the leaders are asked to count and reveal the units again. Bigg Boss restricts both the teams from entering the BB mall as they could not decide the same. However, they are allowed the basic ration owing to their performance in the same.

7.30 pm: Abhinav and Rubina have a discussion about the task. Later on, Rahul apologizes to Vikas for whatever happened earlier in the task. Devoleena tries justifying the same. Later on, this leads to another altercation between Rahul and Vikas.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

8.45 am: Abhinav says that the task was a draw and that it wasn’t canceled to which everyone agrees.

9.30 am: Abhinav confronts Rubina over not supporting him during his fight with Aly.

10.00 am: Vikas discusses Rakhi’s game with her.

11.00 am: Rakhi exclaims and gets excited about Valentine’s Day. Arshi takes a jibe at her because of the same and also hilariously mentions the latter’s husband Ritesh in this regard.

2.15 pm: Aly asks Rakhi about the hidden coffee. She goes and conveys the same to Abhinav.

3.00 pm: Bigg Boss reprimands Rakhi for having shared her coffee with the other housemates. As a punishment for the same, she is asked to return the coffee that she earned.

3.15 pm: Vikas asks Rakhi who asked her for the coffee. She gives him the names post which he makes her understand the game. Rakhi takes a jibe at Rubina for having poked Bigg Boss for the same.

3.30 pm: Rakhi gets into a fight with Rubina after her talk with Vikas. However, everything is sorted after they clear the things out. Rakhi breaks down thinking she won’t get the coffee anymore. Abhinav arrives there and tries to console her.

5.15 pm: The housemates are given a new task named ‘Press for Entertainment.’ The individual who gets to press the buzzer first gets to entertain the live audience for an entire hour. The one who wins gets access to the BB mall.

5.30 pm: Vikas and Aly are the first two housemates who get the chance to entertain the audience. Nikki is given the responsibility of being the ‘sanchalak.’ Vikas presses the buzzer first and is given the chance to go live. He performs with Aly and Rahul in front of the camera.  

6.00 pm: Vikas continues performing for the live audience and Rakhi accompanies him in doing the same.

6.15 pm: Arshi and Sonali are the ones to go next and Vikas is the ‘sanchalak.’ The buzzer rings and Sonali rings the same by removing Arshi’s hand. This leaves the latter angry.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

These days ppl preferred to be in the company of garbage. Weather marrying or just dating. Women of class will always rise above and work towards betterment, even if it means standing alone. It’s very easy to see who is the insecure, spineless, fake hypocrites in bb house

Anonymous 1 month ago

If there are any RUBINA fans amongst men and elderly ladies, my sincere prayers to Bhagwan are they should be getting spouse or daughter-in-law exactly like Rubina!

Anonymous 1 month ago

Absolutely true, aly is garbage. He also promised Nikki the same as he did rakhi. Of course salman khan will reprimand rubina’ and abhinav. He’s very bias and promotes the bullying behavior of the contestants he favors

Anonymous 1 month ago

Aly has hit his all time low now! Time to leave the show. He promises Rakhi to take her till the end of the show, same promise he made to Jasmine and she's out. LOL! Get out already!

Anonymous 1 month ago

I am 100% sure that Salman is going to take a class for Robina nd Abhinav. He will let Aly nd Rahul go. He is a biased host

Anonymous 1 month ago

Insecure Rahul vaidya is obsess with rubina. He’s always talking about her, even when he’s talking about his fiancé

Anonymous 1 month ago

Abhinav it’s about time you stood up to aly Goni the goon and his minions. It shows their lack of class and understanding. They’re like empty trash bag that cannot stand up on it’s own. They need each other’s approval whenever they’re in an argument

Anonymous 1 month ago

Aly is such a looser. He’s saying and behaving just like his sidekick Rahul vaidya. He doesn’t have a brain