Bigg Boss 14: January 22 Written Update: Housemates slam Sonali for throwing food; Rubina & Abhinav fight

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed a lot of chaos regarding the ration of the house. In the midst of all this, Rubina and Rakhi are declared winners of the latest task.
Bigg Boss 14: January 22 Written Update: Housemates slam Sonali for throwing food; Rubina & Abhinav fight Bigg Boss 14: January 22 Written Update: Housemates slam Sonali for throwing food; Rubina & Abhinav fight
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The episode begins with Sonali removing Arshi’s hands and pressing the buzzer. This leaves the latter angry and she bursts out at her. The other housemates reprimand them over the same. Sonali goes to make her point but the buzzer rings at the same time post which Arshi gets to press the same.

6.30 pm: Sonali breaks into tears and says that everyone is playing a game. Meanwhile, Arshi begins entertaining the audience within the time slot given to her.

6.45 pm: Arshi continues with her entertainment and hilarious mentions Rakhi’s husband amid the same.

7.00 pm: Abhinav and Rakhi are the next ones who are given the chance to entertain the audience. The buzzer rings and the latter presses the same.

8.00 pm: Rakhi continues her stint as Julie and asks Sonali whom does she love inside the house. The latter takes Aly’s name in this regard. The next housemates who are given the chance to entertain the live audience are Rubina and Rahul. Rubina presses the button first.

8.45 pm: Devoleena talks to Arshi and Rahul about her fight with Nikki and breaks down.

9.00 pm: Sonali asks if ‘Roti’ will be made during the night which Arshi denies. Rahul asks the other housemates if they are okay with Sonali having ‘Roti’ instead of rice. They say that she does have rice at times and have a discussion about the same. Rahul offers his part to Sonali.

9.15 pm: Rubina’s live is over and then Nikki and Devoleena are given the chance to entertain. The latter asks her to press the buzzer by saying that she wants to see how she would entertain without being rude.

9.45 pm: Nikki goes and talks to Devoleena but the latter refuses to talk to her. The latter continues avoiding her but Nikki goes after her and taunts the actress. Meanwhile, Arshi and Sonali get into a fight over the food.

10.00 pm: Arshi tells Aly that Sonali made a bigger ‘Roti’ but the latter denies it. Aly tries explaining Sonali but she gets emotional and says that Arshi has been taunting her.

10.15 pm: Arshi goes and talks to Nikki and Rubina about what Sonali said. Later on, she gets to know that the latter has thrown off her food into the dustbin. Rubina bursts out regarding the same but Abhinav tries consoling her.

10.30 pm: Nikki goes and slams Sonali for throwing away her food. The latter tries to push her outside but Vikas and Rahul try stopping them. Sonali breaks down and says that she wants to go home. Aly slams Arshi for telling everyone about Sonali throwing away food.

11.00 pm: Abhinav asks Sonali the reason behind throwing the food. This leads to an altercation between the two of them. Later on, she gets into a fight with Arshi, Rubina, and Nikki.

11.15 pm: The results of the live audience are out but Arshi, Nikki, and Vikas aren’t able to entertain the viewers. Rakhi and Rubina, on the other hand, are termed entertaining by the viewers. They are announced the winners of the task and they are given access to the BB mall. Meanwhile, Sonali breaks down again and asks to be called to the confession room. The other housemates are also allowed to take five items each as they excelled in their performance.

12.00 am: Sonali talks to Rahul about changing her bed.

12.15 am: Rubina and Abhinav have a discussion with each other about whatever happened.

1.45 am: Arshi tries clearing things out with Sonali and asks her to return to her bed.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the rhythm of an energetic song.

11.15 am: Abhinav says that he will make the paranthas in butter but Rubina stops him from doing so. This leads to an altercation between the two of them.

12.45 pm: Arshi asks Sonali if she wants to have food. She then asks the former to give that to Rubina and others.

2.15 pm: Rubina tries to clear things out with Abhinav.

3.30 pm: Rakhi indulges in fun banter with Abhinav.

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Sonali phogat complimented abhinav and rubina’s upon enter the house but after receiving some attention from Aly Goni, she became evil and vile. What a shameless woman. If she’s willing to display such a cheap mentality on national tv, just imagine how she behaves on the outside. What kind of examples she set for her daughter

Anonymous 5 months ago

So agree ,,, this lady is horrible. She has tantrums all the time.

Anonymous 5 months ago

Why is this so call politician throwing tantrum? She loves to dish it out but can’t take it. Another talentless wannabe, trying to get her 5 min of fame by selling her morals to the highest bidder Ali Goni.