Bigg Boss 14: January 24 Written Update: Sonali Phogat gets evicted; Vikas gets upset with Rakhi and Arshi

Bigg Boss 14's latest episode witnessed the entry of many special guests inside the house. Among those who came are Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, and others.
Bigg Boss 14: January 24 Written Update: Sonali Phogat gets evicted; Vikas gets upset with Rakhi and Arshi Bigg Boss 14: January 24 Written Update: Sonali Phogat gets evicted; Vikas gets upset with Rakhi and Arshi
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The episode begins with a smashing entry of Sidharth Shukla who invites all of them to the activity room. He then asks them a question sent by the audience. The first question is for Rahul Vaidya who is confronted over what he has done for the show given the fact that he calls Abhinav a ‘Nalla.’ The same question is asked by Sid post which Rahul provides an answer for the same. The next question is also for Rahul who is asked the definition of ‘Mard.’

Sidharth asks the same question to Arshi and Rakhi who give hilarious answers. The next question is for Rahul who is asked the reason behind calling someone Rubina’s puppets if they support her. His friendship with Aly is also questioned in this regard. Sidharth gives his opinion about the same. The next question is for Abhinav who is confronted over backbiting Rahul and talking about him. He is also asked the reason behind backing Rubina. The caller even asks Abhinav to play himself instead of playing with the help of his wife.

Vikas also puts his point about the same. Sidharth calls out Nikki for speaking about Vikas and Devoleena’s stints in the previous seasons. He tells her that it looks boring on the screen. Meanwhile, another caller calls out Nikki for getting too much irritating in the past few days. Nikki is asked the reason behind trying to remain in Rubina’s good books by siding with her in the earlier task. She says that no one from her team was friends with her during the task because of which she sided with Rubina and Abhinav.

Sonali is questioned by another caller over allegedly using Aly for her game in the show. She says that she likes Aly’s personality and questions why she shouldn’t do the same. Sidharth asks Sonali if she would be Aly, Arshi, or Rahul’s preference to which she replies in the negative. Rakhi is asked the reason behind speaking ill about Abhinav on his back despite showing her affection for him. Another caller asks Rakhi when her husband Ritesh come and whether he will accept her will love affair with Abhinav.

Abhinav asks Rakhi not to speak certain words about him. Later on, he also gets into a tiff with Nikki. Later on, Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Raghav Juyal enter the BB house. They indulge in hilarious banter. Post that, a physical task takes place between Rubina and Nikki and Rahul and Abhinav. The latter and Rubi win the task. Post that, Sonali and Raghav dance to the tunes of Tip Tip Barsa Pani. This is followed by Rakhi’s performance on Pardesiya.

After that, Tina Dutta and Rashami Desai enter the house to celebrate their show Uttaran completing 12 years. They then give a task to the contestants as a part of which they have to say who among them is playing with somebody else’s help inside the house. Nikki and Rubina take Rahul’s name, Arshi takes Rubina’s name. Later on, the housemates are hilariously asked to blow air from balloons inside their mouths and speak their hearts out.

It is after that Sidharth Shukla enters the house and indulges in fun banter with Rashami and the other housemates. The nominated housemates are asked to solve a jigsaw puzzle ahead of the eliminations. The one whose puzzle doesn’t get completed would be the one who gets evicted. All four puzzles remain incomplete. Sidharth then asks Vikas to bring the rest of the pieces. Rubina is the first one to get saved and the next is Rahul and Nikki. Sonali Phogat gets evicted from the house. She bids an emotional goodbye to the housemates. Later on, Vikas talks about why is he upset with Arshi and Rakhi. Later on, Rakhi gets emotional and he hugs her out. 

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