Bigg Boss 14: January 3 Written Update: Salman Khan slams Nikki, Jasmin & others for making fun of Rakhi

The 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode proved to be an intense one as Salman Khan gave all the housemates a piece of their minds. Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 14: January 3 Written Update: Salman Khan slams Nikki, Jasmin & others for making fun of Rakhi
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Salman Khan enters the BB house and greets the audience. He talks about what happened the earlier day with the housemates after he decided to take a break just for a minute. He then begins interacting with them through ‘Me TV’ not before schooling them for the way they celebrated Christmas and New Year. Salman talked about how he planned to celebrate 2021 with them but that didn’t happen because of their behavior inside the house.

The actor then talks to Rubina about her strategies if someone goes against her inside the house. He then shows an unseen video in which Rakhi and Vikas have a discussion about how the housemates are divided about making food. Later on, he goes out and tells Jasmin and others about his decision to make his own food. Vikas and Abhinav have a discussion about how the food should be equally divided among the housemates. Later on, a huge ruckus is created owing to the ration of the house.

An ugly fight also takes place between Aly and Vikas regarding the same. Nikki accuses the latter of stealing tea leaves in the previous season. He breaks down and walks away while Arshi accompanies him. They have a discussion about how the housemates aren’t equally served food. 

After having shown the clip, Salman Khan asks Rubina about whatever happened with Vikas. She responds by stating that he doesn’t want any solution regarding the food problem. She also alleges that Vikas is trying to gain sympathy. Salman asks who among Rubina and Abhinav tried to give the solution. Vikas says that he didn’t want to listen to their solution as the entire house went after him. He further adds that he wasn’t well.

Salman asks why the rest of them surrounded him there when Vikas said he wanted to talk to Abhinav alone. The latter tries to give the solution but that leads to another fight inside the house. It is after that the actor talks about how Vikas and Rakhi are made soft targets inside the house. He shows another clip where Jasmin and Nikki make fun of Rakhi Sawant while the latter washes utensils. A fight ensues between them while Vikas tries to calm down Rakhi and take her away. Later on, they make fun of him again. 

When Salman Khan confronts them, Jasmin apologizes for the same. He also schools her for sitting there and sitting silently when they were slamming Rakhi. He also schools Nikki about the same. He says that Jasmin is looking bad on the screen and that she has become mean. Salman also slams Aly for the way he behaved with Vikas Gupta. Aly provides his justification regarding the reason behind what he did and why he talked about what happened outside the house.

Aly also alleges that Vikas talked behind his and Jasmin’s back earlier. The latter also puts forward his justification for the same. Salman tries to resolve the situation and tries to normalize things between them. But that leads to another altercation between Vikas and Aly.

Then the time comes for the caller of the week who has a question for Eijaz. She questions him as to why he spoke ill about Nikki for the past few days. Salman confronts her over the same and says that everyone has a problem with how rude her behaviour has become for some time. He then gives all of them a piece of their minds by informing them as to what is exactly happening inside the house.

Another fight ensues between the housemates after Salman Khan leaves them alone for some time. Later on, Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Tripathi enter the show to promote their film. Post that, the housemates are given a task. After that, former Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone enters the show and greets Salman. The two of them indulge in fun banter leaving everyone in splits. Post that she greets the housemates and allots a task to them. The first one to go is Eijaz who ends up expressing his feelings towards Pavitra. The next to meet Sunny are Aly and Jasmin. She then makes the former propose to Jasmin. That is followed by Vikas Gupta who gets a 'chumpy' on his head as a treatment. The next to meet Sunny are Rubina and Rahul Vaidya. The two of them explain the problems they have with each other. After that, she bids them goodbye. 

Next, it's time for Salman Khan to declare the results of the task that the housemates did the previous week. Rakhi and Rubina are declared winners of the task. 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Not hearing about his protege Suar Pancholi

Anonymous 3 months ago

Who is mr. khan trying to fool with that sorry ass excuses. He himself ruined ppl

Anonymous 3 months ago

Vikas is not interested in solving any problems he’s supposedly having in bb house. He wants to look like a victim. Another puppet

Anonymous 3 months ago

Night before the incident rakhi said jass is my next target to arshi and and proved vikas against jass.where were you when rakhi tor rahul mahajan clothes on national television.and where were you when rakhi made fun of aly goni and jasmine relationships

Anonymous 3 months ago

The host can’t see both sides of the situation because it will affect his decision. In order for him to promoting his agenda, he must continue siding with the vilest ppl. No intelligent and integrity whatsoever

Anonymous 3 months ago

True judgement is one who sees both sides point of view not only by seeing one side and nothing saying other side.Decision and advice should always farely not by partially .That makes fare and right judgement .