Bigg Boss 14: January 6 Written Update: Arshi punished for damaging property; Breaks ties with Aly & Rahul

Updated on Jan 07, 2021 05:07 PM IST  |  1.3M
Bigg Boss 14: January 6 Written Update: Arshi punished for damaging property; Breaks ties with Aly & Rahul
Bigg Boss 14: January 6 Written Update: Arshi punished for damaging property; Breaks ties with Aly & Rahul

4.30 pm: Abhinav and Nikki discuss who is using her to instigate matters. They take the names of Rubina and Rahul amid the discussion. 

5.00 pm: Rakhi talks about divorcing her husband. She tells Abhinav and Nikki that her husband fled on the night of their marriage. The actress says that he was the one who circulated the pictures on social media. She breaks down while talking about the same. Rakhi states he threatened to leave her and that she tried to calm him down on her side. 

5.45 pm: Rakhi goes to the confession room and Bigg Boss talks to her. She talks about her husband again.  The actress hilariously states that she feels like stealing Rubina’s husband Abhinav between the same. She also talks about having heard of their alleged divorce. Bigg Boss lets her know that both of them are still together. Rakhi says that she will still try interfering between them. She ends up stating that she likes Abhinav. Bigg Boss interferes in between and stops her from body-shaming her husband. She apologizes for the same. 

6.15 pm: Rakhi tries flirting with Abhinav while he goes to work in the kitchen. Both Rakhi and Nikki indulge in a fun banter that involves him. 

8.15 pm: Abhinav tells Rubina how Eijaz told Aly that he will never nominate him. 

11.00 pm: Abhinav and Rubina had a small altercation about each other’s behaviour. He tells her not to get affected by others. He even ends up stating that it’s easier for him to talk to other people than her. They both call each other Jasmin part 2 and Rahul Vaidya part 2. She breaks down in between and says that he interferes every time she speaks something. Rubi mentions something about the ‘messages with Kavita’ and states that she didn’t confront him about the same. Abhinav bursts out because of the same and says that he would like to take that up because of the way his character has been portrayed. 

11.15 pm: Abhinav and Rubina continue their fight. He says that she will feel very sorry if he gets evicted the very week. Meanwhile, Rakhi hilariously tells Vikas that she is waiting for her husband to fight with her.

12.45 am: Later on, Abhinav tries to clear things out with Rubina. 

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. 

9.30 am: Nikki refuses to do Rakhi’s bed while Vikas requests her to do so. Eijaz asks him not to talk about him to Nikki while the latter refuses about having done the same. 

10.00 am: Eijaz alleges how badly Nikki has been treating Rakhi. Jasmin and Rahul Vaidya put forward their opinions about the same. Later on, Eijaz and Jasmin discuss the matter. She also goes and talks to Nikki about it. 

11.00 am: Arshi asks Nikki if her relationship with Eijaz was better earlier. She says how he cares about Nikki. 

1.30 pm: Rubina talks about how Eijaz has built a false narration about ‘Colors’ faces.’ She says that Arshi also does the same to defame people. 

1.45 pm: Rubina accuses Eijaz of ostracizing certain people. Abhinav and Nikki also agree with her. Eijaz and Rubi have an altercation about how Nikki has been treating Rakhi. She alleges that he speaks ill about her including others. In the midst of all this, Arshi alleges the housemates are talking in English. Bigg Boss interrupts them in between for the same. Arshi says that she will break the chair if Rubina speaks a single word in English. To everyone’s shock, she did the same. Rahul and Aly try to reprimand and stop Arshi from behaving in the same way further. Meanwhile, her fight with Rubina continues amid the same. Later on, Abhinav instigates her again but Vikas and Sonali try to calm her down. 

2.30 pm: Rahul Vaidya and Arshi Khan have an altercation about her having broken the chair earlier. She breaks down after the same and walks away. Sonali goes and tells her that Aly and Rahul are not her friends. 

3.00 pm: Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather in the living area. All of them are shocked when Bigg Boss confronts them and speaks in English for the very first time. While stating that Arshi was right in reprimanding Rubina and Abhinav for speaking in English, Bigg Boss says that she is punished for causing damage to the house’s property. She is prohibited from taking part in the captaincy task. Post that, Arshi and Aly get into an ugly fight. 

3.15 pm: The housemates are given a task in which they are divided into scientists and mice. 

3.30 pm: The housemates begin with their strategies ahead of the task. Vikas tries to console Arshi while she breaks down thinking about the series of events. Later on, Rahul Vaidya gets into a tiff with Arshi. 

4.30 pm: Confusion erupts when it is revealed that Jasmin misunderstood Aly’s strategy. However, Nikki is angered about the same and says that she doesn’t trust anyone. 

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