Bigg Boss 14: January 7 Written Update: Rakhi & Sonali to fight for captaincy; Nikki, Aly interact with family

It's that time of the season when the housemates get to meet and interact with their loved ones. Read on to know which of the Bigg Boss 14 housemates got to meet their loved ones.
Bigg Boss 14: January 7 Written Update: Rakhi & Sonali to fight for captaincy; Nikki, Aly interact with family
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The episode begins with Nikki getting angry at Aly, Jasmin, and others over the confusion of taking the pills amidst the task. Abhinav tries to talk to Nikki but she says that there is no miscommunication and that the rest have broken her trust. Nikki breaks down and regrets the fact that she made an alliance.

4.45 pm: Aly, Jasmin, and Rubina try to clear things out while an emotional Nikki lies nearby and listens to them. They agree with the fact that there was a communication gap between them. She walks away in anger later on.

5.00 pm: Aly and Rubina have a secret discussion regarding the upcoming strategies in the task. He then has a discussion with Sonali regarding whom to call next for the task. Arshi has a fight with Rahul, Abhinav, and Rubina in between. 

5.15 pm: Aly and Sonali’s discussion continues about whom to call for the next stage of the task. They end up calling Vikas and he is given the green pill. However, he takes up the red pill. 

5.30 pm: Sonali says that she had no idea Vikas would take the red pill. She has a discussion with Aly about the same and then Rakhi. The housemates continue with their strategies. 

6.00 pm: Sonali and Abhinav have a discussion but in the midst of all this, Bigg Boss lets them know that the next buzzer will be the last one for the task. Vikas says that he wants to Rakhi to be the captain of the house. Vikas, Rakhi, Eijaz, and Sonali have a discussion about the same. 

6.30 pm: The final buzzer rings post which Vikas and Sonali go inside. Rakhi ousts Vikas and then will compete with Sonali for the captaincy task. Rahul gets upset with Sonali for not choosing him amid the task. 

6.45 pm: Sonali gets emotional and thanks Eijaz for the help during the task. Arshi bursts out in between while stating that all the others are trying to teach her the game. 

7.00 pm: Rakhi and Arshi have a discussion about the game. Rahul gets upset and states that he is always one step away from becoming the captain.

8.00 pm: Arshi tries to talk to Aly but he doesn’t pay heed to her due to the previous altercation between them. 

8.15 pm: Sonali and Rubina have a discussion about Vikas’ game. The former ends up calling him a mastermind.  

8.45 pm: Eijaz, Sonali, and Rakhi have a discussion about Nikki. 

9.15 pm: Arshi has an argument with Eijaz Khan. 

9.30 pm: Nikki asks Abhinav, Aly, and others whom they would support during the captaincy task. Jasmin says that she will support Rakhi.

8.00 am: The next morning, the housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. 

9.15 am: Rakhi, Aly, Rahul indulge in a fun banter. 

9.30 am: Arshi tries to prompt Eijaz into a fight but he chooses to ignore her. 

12.00 pm: Jasmin and Rakhi have a discussion about their previous fight. The former accuses Rakhi of instigating her at times. Arshi continues poking Eijaz and he ends up getting angry. 

12.45 pm: The housemates are informed that they will get a talk time of only 100 minutes to interact with their family members. It will be decided amongst them as to who would get what amount of time to interact with their loved ones. Vikas breaks down stating that no one will come to meet him. 

1.30 pm: The housemates are informed that the first one to arrive is Nikki’s loved one. She is given 8 minutes to meet her mom. The latter is given the power to choose between Rakhi and Sonali for captaincy. She ends up choosing the former. 

1.45 pm: The next is Aly who gets ten minutes to interact with his loved ones. He gets to video call his sister. 

2.00 pm: Shilpa Agnihotri comes to meet Abhinav and they get 9 minutes for the same. She gives him the message of his parents and brother too. Shilpa also ends up taking Rakhi’s name for captaincy. 

2.30 pm: Arshi ends up irritating Vikas with her joke. 

3.15 pm: Aly talks to his sister and kids over video call with the ten minutes that he is granted after the decision of the housemates. His sister gives the favour for captaincy to Sonali. 

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Nikki is fake, every time she do overacting and its clearly visible.